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Opportunity, China to Implement National Fitness Program

NtaiFitness’s growth coincides with a surging demand among Chinese people to stay in shape as well as the government’s call to promote physical health. In June 2016, the Chinese State Council issued a plan to implement a national fitness strategy to “improve the physical fitness and health level of the whole nation” by 2020. China’s sports consumption, the government forecasts, will reach a meteoric scale of 1.5 trillion RMB ($230 billion), tapping into 500 million potential consumers. Keep told TechNode that it is in talks with China’s Sports Bureau and a number of state media to promote fitness across the country.

Role of Rowing Machine in the Gym Equipment

Rowing machine part is to exercise the body muscles, especially the muscles of the arms, back and abdomen and design equipment, can effectively reduce the abdomen, back and arm redundant adipose, achieve the goal of weight loss and strong and handsome.Rowing machine generally there are six kinds of operation method: joint activities, sit-ups, rowing, chest expansion, abdominal muscle stretching and arm movement.The focus of the different types of boating, muscle exercise is different, so should choose according to their own situation.

The Gym Equipment, You Should Know How to Use

The Gym Equipment, You Should Know How to Use

1. Use the gym equipment bring very fitness results.

Objective: to build perfect two head, triceps

2.major equipment: barbell dumbbell + a crank

The most simple things often are the most practical things. The process is as dry as a chip, the result is cheerful. Using dumbbells and barbells can...

Why You Need a New Gym Specialist for Your New Gym

Why You Need a New Gym Specialist for Your New Gym

For the budding entrepreneur or fitness enthusiast, opening a gym and finding gym equipment for sale can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, bringing about emotional satisfaction, career security and wealth. In order to attain these things, the smart entrepreneur knows how to align themse...