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Ntaifitness gym equipment (Shandong Ningtai Body Building Apparatus Limited Company.) Gym Equip – China High-tech for Every Gym.

Elegant design. High-quality workmanship. Innovative technology. Outstanding features and functions. We’re obsessive when it comes to making the best gym equipment. Commercial fitness equipment manufacturers Ntaifitness hardware offers everything you’d expect of professional strength equipment, cardio equipment, and more. Holistic concepts and supplementary services will make Ntaifitness® a key part of your long-lasting success.

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Ntaifitness Gym Equipment is one of the most respected business names globally, specializing in high-quality life fitness equipment.

For over 10 years, we have pioneered innovation. Offering valued products and excellent service, we continue to expand our world market share by never settling for the status quo.

These commercial exercise equipment are trusted worldwide for their durability, bio mechanism, and efficiency. The products manufactured by us are safe, have accurate dimensions, comfortable, and easily operative. We produce these affordable exercise equipment based on the extensive research and analysis done by our qualified technicians and health experts in the fitness industry.

Shop all of Ntaifitness's commercial gym equipment for gyms, corporate health clubs, schools, hotels, and more, including ellipticals, exercise bikes, dumbbells, indoor cycles, rowers, steppers, treadmills, leg press machine and more.

Our business model gives us the advantage of knowing exactly where our products come from, how they are made, and what they are capable of. Ntaifitness products are exclusively available at, so you can trust the quality you are getting.

Gym equipment for sale

If you’re looking for a treadmill or other superior used exercise equipment at a sensible price, look no further than Ntaifitness Gym Equipment.
Our specialty is used gym equipment for sale, including commercial and home gym machines. We ship all over the world, offer DIY pickup, and other delivery options for machines or any larger purchase.
Please contact us regarding any pre-owned workout kit you wish to buy—whether it is in stock or an item you can’t purchase.
With Ntaifitness Gym Equipment, you can buy new and old-school commercial exercise equipment at a fraction of the retail price!

Even MORE with Ntaifitness

Ntaifitness is privately owned by a national-level bodybuilding competitor and life fitness enthusiast. Unlike large vendors of commercial machines for sale, our small enterprise delivers exceptional quality and keen prices. Plus, our personal-touch customer service is class-leading.
Popular commercial and home workout machinery such as all-in-one cable crossovers, hammer strength machines, and leg presses, dumbbells, GYM Weights, and Weight Bars are discounted.
We love finding customers outstanding deals on commercial and home exercise fitness equipment for sale.

Quality, Affordable Fitness Equipment

If you like to explore reviews, call us, text, or email, and we’ll be delighted to answer your fitness questions. We do international shipping and can deliver to your home or gym, internationally! Thanks to our extensive selection of fitness equipment brands on offer, we are sure you will be shopping and buying fitness from us.

Strength Machine

In this section leg press machines, hammer strength and cable crossover machines have been fully cleaned, serviced/ refurbished. Leg press machines are highly effective in improving lower body strength and diversifying your present squat press routine. Check out our weight machines that are used for the legs and quads. We adore these fitness machines because they have a small footprint and are belt-driven for smooth, natural performance.

Ntaifitness Gym Equipment Strength

Ntaifitness Strength machines were created and evolved from some of our all-time favorites. You can anticipate commercial grade quality that can easily match any leading commercial brand, at a fraction of the cost. We utilize high gauge steel, pillow block and linear bearings, and high-tension wiring systems.
For the advanced lifter, we also carry heavier weight stacks for selectorized equipment.

Circuits and Gym Packages

A Strength Circuit is a collection of devices that in conjunction train several muscle groupings or the whole body.
The best items in this category are the same brand and series, and exact same colors.
Most commercial centers offer a minimum of one complete circuit
You may be surprised to hear we have a menu from which you can customize your home gym and fitness setup. Please contact us for buying assistance.


We stock a range of brand new and preowned dumbbell sets.
Ntaifitness dumbbells are the best quality, fully commercial grade. They match any leading brand in the equipment industry. We offer Dumbbell sets of hex, rubber 12-sided and prostyle.

Anyone can buy them, from moms to the bodybuilder. Ntaifitness Gym Equipment has all-level options. From rubber or powder-coated dumbbells. And do add dumbbell racks to keep your kit neat and tidy.

Benches and Squat Racks

If you are interested in packing muscle, squat racks and benches are the way to go. The correct workout equipment means you can exercise your muscles safely in your home gym or commercial premises. Take a look at our menu of squat/power racks, adjustable benches, military-chair stools, plus Hammer Strength equipment.

Olympic Weights and Bars

For several years we have carried a wide range of Olympics and weight bars. We have the expertise to know what you are interested in buying. We, therefore, constantly add new and lightly-used plates at a small percentage of the retail price. They are also available in your preferred pairs.

Mats and Flooring

Fitness industry and home workout areas need rubber flooring.
Ntaifitness stocks double and single-sided flooring made from truly robust materials. All our flooring is easy to lay, is water-resistant, noise-resistant, and able to protect your floor from heavy usage.

Cardio and Miscellaneous

Increasing one’s heart rate is essential while exercising, but a long session on a treadmill can feel like a nightmare!
Shake up your routine  Ntaifitness sells an extensive range of cardio machinery, including ellipticals, spin bikes, coasters, and step mills.

gym equipment clearance

Don’t forget to check out our clearance shop section for discount prices on a wide range of used fitness and used gym equipment.

We regularly add to our products, so always check or call. We would be delighted to talk about how we can help transform your home and commercial gym. Should you be unable to see what you’re interested in, feel free to contact us. We review used equipment so our clients can shop online for used gym equipment and obtain the best used fitness equipment at discounted rates.

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We only sell directly to you. No dealers, no middlemen. we’ve done this since day 1. The result? The best gym equipment at the best price. For you.

Direct Support

Can’t find the information you need? No worries, our international team of support agents has the answer.

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