Workout Techniques For An Air Bike

Workout Techniques For An Air Bike

Air bike is mostly overlooked as the simple yet effective machine doesn’t fit into the cardio scene of another fancy, expensive and commercial equipment like the treadmill, spinning bike or stair master.

What people fail to understand is that the Air bike has its calorie-burning league.

It associates the action of arm pumping with a leg hardening power of cycling against serious resistance.

It is an old school method used to build athleticism and to push a person’s body and mind to the utmost limits. Air bikes are affordable when compared to the price of other equipment.

Air bike uses a fan (it is also known as fan bike) to create wind resistance so the more you pedal, the more difficult pedaling gets.

The handlebars of the air bike impose a harmonized pushing and pulling action of the arms, which is aligned with the pushing action of the legs.

Some ways to include the fan bike in your workout area as follows:

Air bikes HIIT program-

For training at home or the gym, real HI Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions on an air bike are a great deal. These HIIT sessions require us to work within high-percentage heart rate zones.

This workout should be performed 3 times a week. In a Crossfit air exercise bike, the intensity level of 1 is easy-peasy, and 10 is a full-out sprint.

As weeks proceed, increase the time interval and rounds according to your stamina and workout level.

Time trial method-

Select your distance (say 1, 2 or 3 kilometers) and see how fast it takes to complete that distance. This workout is very simple but also very challenging.

Try to do this every week and try hard to break your previous distance and time records.

Functional cross-training-

Air bikes are a crucial tool for metabolic conditioning and functional cross-training workouts.

You can add sprints, intervals and calorie counts into workouts to push beyond your limits, test your conditioning, and encounter your physical and mental endurance and strength.

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Heart rate method

Our Heart rate acknowledges the intensity of the workout. Hence training at different stages of your maximum heart rate (MHR) will harvest diverse physiological results.

This style of workout is called ‘Energy System Development’. There are 3 heart rate zones you can utilize to work out to target several energy systems. The MHR zones are 60-70%, 70-80% and 80-90%.

So, to enhance your stamina, increase your strength, push your training to a higher level, buy an air bike for sale today and now.