What Machines to Use at the Gym to Get Bigger Thighs, Calves & Butt

What Machines to Use at the Gym to Get Bigger Thighs, Calves & Butt

You must have an adductor machine

Though adductors are the group of muscles found in hands, thighs, and feet, it is mostly used in referring the thigh muscles. The adductor machine workout is performed in the gym to train your inner hip muscles as well as inner thigh muscles.

For bringing the legs closer and stabilizing the hip joints, the inner hip, as well as thigh muscles, are responsible. Through the training of the inner thigh muscles, the correct movement of the knee cap is achieved.

This is important not only in preventing knee problems but also from recovering from knee injuries. Training them also helps in preventing back pain. So when you go to a gym you are clear of using the right machine for your training.

Training with the machines also protects you from the problems that often come while using free weights. This also provides the benefits of muscle hypertrophy or the growth of muscle after proper training.

Your thighs come with two types of large muscles namely quadriceps and hamstrings. The sitting machines, squat machines, and leg press machines are targeting the quadriceps for the extension of your leg.

As for the hamstring, you can try leg curl machines which reverses the leg movement i.e. for kickback it is used.

When you think of the butt, look for the gluteus maximus. The primary method of working out your butt is to opt for a cable machine which adds resistance when your hips are moved. Otherwise, you can opt for lunge by holding on to the cable pulleys that are fixed at the low point of your hips.

An alternative method is pulling the cable pulley attached to your ankle backward extending up to your hips.

This is nothing but kicking back while your knees are locked. In case, this is not working out for you, then you can use the machine exercises that you use for your thighs for the butt as well.

Similarly, these thigh machines can also be used in working out of calves. If you are looking for an exclusive machine to work your calves then go for donkey calf raise machine.

Some of the gyms also have a separate machine for calves.

The adductor machine for sale is ideal for all your thigh workouts. So every gym should choose one as this will help in the working out of thighs, butts, and calves altogether.