Workout Bench with Back Extension

Looking to upgrade your home gym workout bench? Buy Commercial Weight Bench & Weight Benches & Racks for Commercial Gyms, Our Best Multi-Adjustable Weight Bench Affordable enough for Home Gyms.
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Workout Bench with Back Extension for Sale


Ntaifitenss Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench is commercial grade and heavy duty! With integrated wheels, the benches can be easily moved. A wide back pad provides stabilization to users during heavy lifts.

This commercial Adjustable Weight bench can be used with dumbbells, power racks, and other multiple attachments to ensure a complete workout routine.

The Ntaifitness Bench equipment is designed to provide the absolute best user experience and to increase human performance.

It is our desire to bring you to new levels of fitness, to provide access to all of the products and tools you need to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, and to motivate you to press your limits.

Gym benches are an important part of the free weights section of any commercial gym. Weight benches may seem like a simple matter, but they actually provide a range of advantages to both new and experienced weight lifters.

Weight bench sets can support a complete range of exercises to provide a well-rounded workout.

An adjustable weight bench is designed primarily for strength training. It helps you do biceps, triceps, wings, shoulders, and chest.

Having a stable, comfortable weight bench is essential for a variety of exercises including the mighty bench press. They are certainly useful for various decline abdominal exercises.

Commercial Workout Benches Exercise Equipment on Sale

Are you considering the Buy a Multi Adjustable Bench for dumbbell and barbell training? Great deals on adjustable weight benches for use with power racks to fit your workout.

Our mission is to develop innovative and simple solutions to lead the fitness industry in performance, safety, function, and efficacy without compromise.

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Highest grade commercial quality. Durable & Affordable Commercial grade Fitness benchBack Extension Bench Available - Shop Now!


  • Ergonomic design optimizes support and comfort
  • Heavy-duty materials increase strength and durability
  • Comfortable, secure foot capture.
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Comfortable leg catch design provides enhanced stability
  • Commercial-grade steel and upholstery padding;
  • Handle and wheel feature for ease of movement;
  • 9 adjustable back positions ranging from decline。
  • The Multi-Adjustable Bench has five adjustable positions: flat, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 80°.
  • The seat also adjusts with the back pad automatically into two positions.
  • The adjustment points are color-coded and conveniently located and marked for simple use.