How to Correct Use an Upright Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

How to Correct Use an Upright Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

The upright exercise bike is more and more popular gym equipment for sale currently and is one of the most important cardio machines. An exercise bike will not cause joint movement injury. Therefore, Upright Bike is quite suitable fitness equipment for whom the knee or ankle was once injured or easily painful patients.

Upright exercise bike, also known as a vertical bike, vertical exercise bike. Upright exercise bike main exercise buttocks, thighs, calves. Correct use of Upright exercise bike, can make the buttocks, legs shaping, more bodybuilding, increase oxygen in the blood volume, the spirit more relaxed.

But how do we use the right bike safely? How to Use an Upright Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

Upright Exercise Bike

How to use upright exercise bike?

First:D going warm-up exercise before exercise bike

Exercise bike before exercise, adequate warm-up exercise cannot be less, can be like jogging, squatting, high legs, leg pressing, articulation, twisting waist, activity arm. and other activities, so that the body slightly sweat fever, usually in 5-10 minutes.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Second: Adjust the height of the Upright exercise bike seat

To get the best out of your workout and ride as efficiently as possible, make sure your seat is properly adjusted. This will also make you more comfortable.

  1. Sit on the seat, Place your foot on the pedal so that the toe ball is above the pedal shaft.W hen a pedal is at the lowest point at 6 o'clock, you should see the knee slightly bent at a 25-30 degree angle. Pedaling strength at this location is the largest and most comfortable. If you see the angle is too small or too large, please adjust the seat. For exercise bike, you can adjust the seat in the car, can also be carried out under the car. If you are unsure about the angle, tap it briefly. If the hips swing back and forth on the seat, the seat may be too tall. In this case, please lower the seat.T he hips should stay motionless on each stroke.
  2. Use the rod on each pedal face to fasten the pedal strap firmly to your feet. These straps allow you to rest more on the pedal during exercise.M muscles involved in the exercise, more effective in pedaling practice.
  3. Upright exercise bike to adjust the appropriate seat height, you can pedal to the lowest point, the knee joint is not fully straightened; pedal to the highest point, the knee joint does not buckle-less than 90 degrees as a reference.
  4. Upright exercise bike to adjust the appropriate seat height, you can pedal to the lowest point, the knee joint is not fully straightened; pedal to the highest point, the knee joint does not buckle-less than 90 degrees as a reference.

Commercial Upright Bikes

Third: the correct posture of riding San upright exercise bike

Not only Wrong riding posture will affect the exercise results, but also cause damage to the body. Like bowing waist, legs skim out, pedaling action is not standard and so belongs to the incorrect posture during riding.

The correct posture of Sitting Position: Leaning forward, arms straight, tightening abdomen, using abdominal breathing method, legs parallel to the crossbar of the car, knees, hip joint coordination, pay attention to grasp the rhythm of the ride.

The correct posture of pedaling: the correct pedaling should include: tread, pull, mention, push 4 coherent movements. The foot first steps down, the lower leg and then retracted back to pull, and then raised up, the last push forward, so just completed a lap. Pedaling so rhythm, not only save energy but also improve speed.

Fourth: The correct speed of riding can right bike

Frequency and intensity are the three principles of exercise, the beginning of exercise bike riders, it is recommended that you can find the right frequency and then increase the amount of exercise, ordinary people per minute pedaling frequency of 60 to 80 times.

Each ride requires at least 20 minutes of high frequency and low speed (ie, multi-turn less hard) warm-up, the body can be slightly sweating.

Fifth: The purpose of different riding methods are different

To lose weight for the purpose.

For those who want to lose weight for the purpose of riding a bike, you can use the aerobic exercise riding method, that is, to adjust the resistance to the body load do not feel hard.

T he intensity of this mode of exercise for moderate intensity, and more than 30 minutes to break down lipids, to exercise energy. So ride time to more than 30 minutes, 40 minutes the most appropriate, heart rate 100-110 beats/min.

For the purpose of training muscles

Want to exercise by riding a bike to exercise muscles, you can choose a short time, the strength of the riding way. Choose effortless resistance, slow warm-up ride for 5 minutes, and then as high-speed biking for about 5 minutes, heart rate 170-180 beats/min, and then gradually slow down the bike for 5-10 minutes, so that the heart rate back to 100 Times/minute or less. So a group, you can even do several groups, arranged between groups 3-5 minutes of rest. Or the resistance

Commercial Upright Bike Superfit-3007

The sixth  something must pay attention to when riding an upright bike

  1. women in the menstrual cycle is best to ride less or not ride can upright exercise bike
  2. the seat should not be too high and should be flexible to prevent the hips when riding around the twist, to reduce the local friction; seat too hard, available foam made of a soft seat cover seat in the car to reduce the car Block on the genitals friction.
  3. the height and angle of the seat to adjust properly. The seat is too high, riding the hips must be about twisting, prone to perineal abrasions; seat upturned upstairs, more likely to damage the perineum.
  4. longer riding time, we should pay attention to changing cycling posture, so that the body's center of gravity has been moved to prevent a long time effort perineal efforts.
  5. in the exercise bike, if found perineal discomfort, to identify the cause, if the car seat has problems, to be ruled out in time or improved, and should pay attention to rest, eliminate the symptoms and then ride; if you can not eliminate Symptoms, should go to the hospital for medical examination and treatment.

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