Best Tricep Dumbbell Exercises For Effective Overall Results

Best Tricep Dumbbell Workout For Effective Overall Results

Did you also think triceps dumbbell workout means too much of extensions and kickbacks? Here are some exercises, which will help you work on triceps along with the upper body too. There are easy and don’t require too much effort and benefits are enormous.

When you hear triceps dumbbell workout, a lot of kickbacks and extensions is what comes to your mind in the first place. As triceps are tough to train, doing the right exercise is of utmost importance for not just adding size to your arms but grooming on the chest and shoulder too.

This means you will also burn fats and work on your upper body along with triceps if you choose the right kind of exercise. Here are a few triceps dumbbell exercises, which are sure to give you positive overall development results.

Dumbbell Chest Press

This exercise can be performed at home or the gym like seated triceps dips. Either on a flat or an inclined bench, the dumbbell chest presses are very effective if you want to target your triceps to a larger extent.

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press

Either one arm or both arms at a time, one can perform this exercise by standing up but it will make your work rigorously. Hence, choosing the seated posture also helps.

Dumbbell Push Press

This exercise is as effective as seated triceps dips. Unlike the traditional overhead press, this exercise allows you to add more weight and will carve your triceps in a better way in lesser time than the kickbacks.

Parallel Bar Dips

This is one of the best exercises when you have to train your triceps along with your upper body like seated triceps dips. Keep your body in an upright position while performing this exercise for desired results.

Seated Triceps Dips

If you are a beginner to triceps exercises, the seated triceps dips with the help of a seated triceps extension machine will be ideal, to begin with.

This exercise not only targets the triceps but also the back of your arm as well as the part between the shoulder and elbow.

Being trained well on how to perform it is very essential to avoid injury and get maximum benefits. Besides giving appealing physical looks, there are other benefits of seated triceps dips to your body:

  • Seated triceps dips with the help of a seated triceps extension machine build the upper body stronger.
  • Increases strength in arms and chest thereby increasing the ability to live more weight while performing other gymming exercises like bench presses.
  • Other smaller stabilizer muscles present in the upper body, which are otherwise neglected, are also worked to get control and balance with seated triceps dips.