What is the Difference Between Indoor Cycling and Spinning?

What is the Difference Between Indoor Cycling and Spinning?

People are often surprised when they realize that indoor spinning and cycling are not the same things. While they are majorly similar, there are subtle differences between the two fitness concepts.

Below we have highlighted the difference between indoor cycling and spinning.

Indoor Cycling and Spinning

Indoor cycling is a fitness regimen that gets boost your heart rates. In this form of exercise, the instructor takes you through various terrains in order to sync the rhythms of high-energy music.

Spinning, on the other hand, was introduced by American Athlete and martial arts expert, Johnny Goldberg in the early 80s. He developed this form of exercise in order to ensure adequate training during the cold season. He developed a stationary bike that allowed him to bike indoors.

Both techniques are forms of indoor exercises and performed on stationary bikes. Moreover, both the training programs focus on lively rhythms of music.

The Primary Differences between Indoor Cycling and Spinning

The spinning bikes are designed similar to a regular cycle and come with various adjustments for handlebars, seat, pedals, etc. Since it has so many modifications, spinning bikes are apt for both beginners as well as purists. On the contrary indoor cycling, bikes are comparatively more upright with wider seats.

Unlike indoor cycling bikes, spinning bikes have a gear system that enables wheels to spin even when you are not pedaling. This will allow your tendons to respond to natural inertia by contracting added circulars and optimizing pedal strokes and maximizing inertia.

With a spinning bike, you have the option of working for more muscle groups. Since spinning bikes are designed to signify the resistance and forces offered by real bikes, they are manufactured using a transmission chain. Indoor cycling bikes, on the other hand, use of plastic or textile strips.

The transmission chain used in the spinning bikes enables realistic simulation of bicycle dynamics and renders high-stress resistance. When you use a spinning bike, it is similar to a cycling race that is happening under the gym’s roof.

Evidently, there is a notable difference between spinning and cycling indoors. With spinning, you are performing a more intense routine and obtaining better results as opposed to indoor cycling.

If you want to try a stronger routine, then spinning is ideal for you. You can easily get a spinning bike for sale on at the online store and enjoy a realistic cycling experience at the comfort of your home.