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Pectoral Deck (Butterfly) Machine for Sale

Pec Deck Machine

Learn more about the Ntaifitness Pectoral Deck (Butterfly) Workout Machines for Sale‎, Shop Smarter Today with Ntaifitness' every day Low Prices. Check Out Our selection of Sitewide Savings for Workout Equipment. Save with Our Low Prices.
US $540.00 US $500.00
Leg Curl Machine For Sale, Buy Seated Leg Curl Machine Online

Leg Curl

Buy Quality Leg Curl Machine TEKKEN-5019 from NtaiFitness, Best Gym Equipment Leg Curl For Weight Loss. Buy Leg Curl Machine with Low Price From Leg Curl Manufacturers in China. Call us +15117981698 +17853476388.
US $650.00 US $500.00
Bicep Tricep Machine for Sale, Buy BICEPS/TRICEPS Machine Online

Bicep Tricep Machine

Buy Quality Bicep Tricep Machine TEKKEN-5008 from NtaiFitness, Best Gym Commercial Bicep & Tricep Curl Machines For Weight Loss. Buy Bicep And Tricep Exercise Machines Gym with Low Price From Arm Machines Manufacturers in China.Call us +8615117981698 +8617853476388.
US $650.00 US $500.00
Chest Workout Machine For Sale, Buy Chest Press Online

Chest Workout Machine

Shop best commercial chest workout machine for weight loss. Build a bigger, stronger and more prominent chest with the chest press machine. Get high-quality chest bench press sets online at really cheap prices. Place your order today.
US $560.00 US $500.00
Inner Outer Thigh Machine for Sale, Buy Inner Outer Thigh Online

Inner Outer Thigh Machine

Buy High-Quality Inner Outer Thigh Machine TEKKEN-5022 with Low Price in China at Ntaifitness®, Huge range of exercise machine for inner and outer thighs fitness equipment an available to suit your requirements. Call Us now to see how we can help you!
US $750.00 US $600.00
Leg Extension Machine: Buy Leg Press Machine Online

Leg Extension Machine

Buy High-Quality Leg Extension Machine TEKKEN-5013 with Low Price in China at Ntaifitness®, Huge range of exercise machine for Leg Extension Machine fitness equipment an available to suit your requirements. Call Us now to see how we can help you!
US $680.00 US $500.00
Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine for Sale Buy Online

Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

Lat Pulldown/Low Row TEKKEN-5026 for Sale, Buy Lat Pulldown and Low Row Combo Machine at best price from Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine Manufacturers in China. Call us +86-0534-5088836, +0534-5388839
US $950.00 US $800.00
Multi Press Machine - Chest/Incline/Shoulder Press


Buy Multipress Machine at best price Online, Ntaifitness Multi Press offers easily adjustable press arms and seat for favorable positioning for all users and exercises. Call us +86-0534-5088836, +0534-5388839
US $1350.00 US $900.00
Lat Press Machine for Sale, Buy Lat Pulldown Machine Online

Lat Press Machine

Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine for Sale, Buy Lat Pulldown Machine TEKKEN-5030 at Best Price from Lat Pull Down Strength Training Multi-Gym Manufacturers in China, Call us +86-0534-5088836, +0534-5388839
US $850.00 US $570.00

Commercial Gym Equipment For Sale

TEKKEN Series is a Commercial Gym Equipment Brands in China, Our Professional Strength Machines are Chosen by Thousands Of Gyms in Over 60 Countries. See the Entire Selection at Ntaifitness.

When it comes to getting into shape, we need the right brand and strength of equipment to make that possible.

TEKKEN commercial strength training equipment is the perfect avenue to begin your personal development to a new, stronger you!

By utilizing a range of training equipment specific to NtaiFitness, TEKKEN Gym Equipment & Fitness Solutions owners can enjoy a far more fruitful physical workout regime.

With a range of first-line brands that all come together, we make sure you are left with machinery that perfectly combines together feasibility and performance.

If you like to enjoy and endure extreme fitness challenges, then you might find that TEKKEN lives up to the experience.

We’ve made sure that every piece of equipment in the line is free-form and designed with a sense of modern minimalism.

Instead of annoying you with needless gimmicks, we include the best solution for an analytical take on Exercise Equipment.

The IQ management system makes sure that you can work through your traditional fitness model without challenge or delay.

By setting standards for a more biomechanical, ergonomic approach to fitness attire, this should make the challenge of getting into shape far easier to enjoy.

This makes fitness a much more enjoyable pursuit of yours to have, all the while ensuring that you can see consistent boosts to performance without any challenge.

From seated chest training devices to butterfly machines, shoulder pressBench Press Machine, and Seated Row, we have something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a physical workout that can improve the shape of your biceps or you want to help improve using rotary training, we’ll have something for you.

Give your muscles the care and help that they need to start feeling better, faster and stronger today!

Our Commercial Gym Equipment Packageslist includes gym equipment for abs, gym equipment for the back, gym equipment for chest, gym equipment for glutesand gym equipment for weight loss.