T Bar Row Machine

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T Bar Row Machine For Sale

Looking for Lying T-Bar Row Machine? We have Back Exercises Machine Commercial Lying T Bar Row for Sale.

The Ntaifitness Commercial Lying T-Bar Row Back strength machine will work your middle back, biceps, and lats, giving you the ultimate strength pull exercise.

This simple design drastically reduces low-back strain and lets your lats do the work instead.

The Strength Training Equipment Power Leverage Rows are excellent exercises to thicken your back muscle.

T bar row machine is a multi-joint exercise that increases strength throughout the upper body with an emphasis on the back and shoulders.

The primary muscles targeted include during the T-bar row include:

  • Latissimus dorsi, which is the large muscle covering the majority of your mid to lower back that extends, adducts and rotates the arm.
  • Posterior deltoid, or rear shoulders.
  • Trapezius, which extends from your neck down along your spine and across your shoulder blades.
  • Rhomboids, which help you squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Teres major, which sits close to the deltoid and adducts and medially rotates the arm.
  • Teres minor and infraspinatus, both rotator cuff muscles.

Take your weight room to the next level with the high-performance Plate Loaded Incline Lever Row from Ntaifitness.

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