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Synrgy360 is a modular fitness workout in which different exercises are performed on and with various fitness equipment. It is an intensive, varied workout at an individual level.

Synrgy360 is ideal for both people who are used to working out and want to get more out of their training, as well as for beginners who want to find out what the fitness equipment can do for them.

You can train your stamina, strength, suppleness or even agility.

The groundbreaking SYNRGY360 system creates a fun, inviting and meaningful workout experience for all who use it.

Ntaifitness pioneered the concept with the aim of creating transformational and inspiring fitness experiences for a large and diverse array of exercisers.

The system is not only ideal for dynamic small group training and one on one personal training, but also for individual exercisers.

Synrgy360 responds to a popular exercise trend: group training sessions, which allow trainers to charge the client less money but make more money themselves by maximizing their time.

A Synrgy360 could serve up to 24 people at a time, with several people using the system’s nearby elements, such as the dumbbells and medicine balls, rather than workout out right on the structure.

Available to you on the 4th floor is a highly effective and functional training program: the new SYNRGY360.

In a short space of time, this circuit training format will see you doing dynamic exercises that will work your whole body. You will improve your stamina, agility, balance, speed, coordination, reaction times and flexibility.

Customizable and nearly limitless training options, optional attachments and dynamic training resources ensure that the SYNRGY360 experience is about more than a routine workout.

The groundbreaking concept provides opportunities to offer dynamic and exciting small group training to anyone.

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