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Swimming Pool Treadmill for Sale, Buy Underwater Treadmill Online from Fitness Pools Manufacturers Ntaifitness®, Our Commercial Grade Excercise Aquatic Treadmill Perfect for Water Running and Walking, Get More Related Info.
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Swimming Pool Treadmill for Sale, Buy Underwater Treadmill Online

The wellness you deserve is closer than you think

Swimming Pool Treadmill Superfit-8032 is the best swimming pool treadmill in China. There is nothing like the feeling you get after a rigorous workout from a pool, treadmill, or otherwise. Your muscles, your heart pumps, are stimulated, and your mind feels clear.

Ntaifitness Swimming Pool Treadmill for a variety of low-impact fitness options. With its extended swim and exercise area, the Superfit-8032 is accommodating to the most versatile workout routines.

It's a Fitness System with the swim and low-impact exercise features designed to complement one another so that your wellness goals are easily achievable.

Ntaifitness Superfit-8032 underwater treadmill offer low-impact running and walking options for all of the cardiovascular benefits of exertion without the negative side effects often felt with land-based exercise.

Commercial Grade Excercise Aquatic Treadmill

The Ntaifitenss Pool Treadmill is recommended for use by individuals at all fitness levels, it is the most versatile and lightweight pool treadmill we have ever built and can be used in any in-ground or above-ground pool.

Made from the highest quality materials, it is robust, motorless and maintenance free. It is uniquely designed for use in a swimming pool and will not rust or deteriorate from heavy use outdoors while submerged in pool water.

The Ntaifitness Underwater treadmill has been created to give to fitness centers, recreation clubs, Wellness-Spa centers and private pools the possibility to introduce aquatic running and walking into their facilities with the design and quality that distinguish Ntaifitness products at a reasonable price.

Cross-training made easy with the addition of our Aquatic Treadmill. Walking, running and exercising underwater has never been easier.

Underwater treadmills are the pinnacle of underwater exercise equipment and can be used for low impact obesity treatment. The strict walking rhythm it imposes has added value in neurology.

From the sports medicine professionals working with top athletes to physical therapists working with elderly patients, combining a treadmill with water is an incredibly versatile tool improve range of motion, they are an incredibly versatile machine.

How does water alter the amount of impact on your body?

Waist-height water reduces your body weight by about 50 percent. Chest-height water creates close to a 75-percent weight reduction. This lowers the impact forces on an existing injury so you can begin therapy sooner while retaining muscle strength and conditioning.

What are examples of injuries that can be used for rehabilitation with an underwater treadmill?

According to Miller, most common running injuries can be treated with an underwater treadmill, including Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), and generic knee pain.

The system can also help rehab injuries like ankle sprains, fractures, and ACL reconstruction. Although the treadmill will not cure an injury, it does provide a means to maintain fitness and rebuild muscle strength, which can speed recovery.


  • Improve range of motion and mobility

    Older adults with joint and muscle pain may find relief with underwater treadmill therapy. Even though people with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis will often avoid activities such as walking and exercise, these activities can actually make some of the pain disappear.
  • Minimize weight on arthritic joints or during post-op recovery

    Enhance cardiovascular function and performance
    With underwater treadmill physical therapy, lengthier exercise durations are combined with the heightened resistance of the water. This generates greater cardiovascular endurance, which in turn boosts a patient’s on-ground physical stamina.
  • Accelerate return to function after injury

    With the attachable massage hose, physical therapists can combine this training with jet therapy on the stiff muscles of patients. As a result, patients have experienced improvements in mobility and decreases in pain, which has led to increased awareness of underwater treadmill benefits.
  • Intensify conditioning or boost weight loss

    With underwater treadmill physical therapy, lengthier exercise durations are combined with the heightened resistance of the water. While everyone knows that exercise helps reduce hypertension, a recent TAMU study found that aquatic treadmill training is more effective than land-based exercise at lowering blood pressure (BP). Tracking 60 adults and comparing on-ground and underwater treadmill workouts, the study found that underwater workouts led to greater reductions in diastolic BP, exercise systolic BP and resting diastolic BP.


This treadmill for underwater exercise is designed for everyday use in swimming pools as well as for intensive commercial use with different levels of aqua fitness.

  • OWER IMPACT WORKOUT: Less muscle soreness (perfect for recovery runs).A significant benefit to water training in a pool is buoyancy, which increases your balance and reduces impact stress on joints, bones, and muscles. It's a safe, beneficial option for people with arthritis and other joint disorders; muscular dystrophy; muscle atrophy; and lower-extremity injuries. Versatility from rehab to competitive cross-training.
  • SAFE, EFFICIENT & FUN: All-direction resistance for a more thorough workout. Training in water produces 12x more resistance than on land. The time required to achieve the same benefit in water, as on land, is greatly reduced.
  • BURN MORE CALORIES: Burn up to 50% more calories on a water treadmill. 4 hours a week on an aquatic treadmill can help you drop approximately 44 pounds a year. Maximize the potential of your Endless Pool!
  • A Unique Piece of Equipment: Stainless-steel components for smoother, longer-lasting performance, a polished stainless steel frame that is professionally welded for durability and safety.
    Easy installation
  • Easy to Clean: Belt is easily lifted so maintenance can be easily performed by one person. Innovative design makes handling the treadmill is very easy. It can handle just one person. The device has lightweight and a new folding system, therefore this underwater treadmill could be folded and takes little space for storage.
  • Made in China: Ideal for providing customer service around the clock.