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Looking for macebells in bulk for group fitness or boot camp instruction? Ntaifitness mace bell is made from commercial-quality steel, which makes it sturdy and indestructible to last for a long time. The head is fully welded and attached securely to the handle, so there is no chance of any part of it breaking apart no matter how hard you swing.

Ntaifitness Steel Mace is a safer, more versatile alternative to a traditional sledge hammer for tire slams and other sledgehammer cross-training exercises. Thanks to the disproportionate weight displacement, you’ll be optimizing your stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers.

The weighted head and long length of the steel mace bell are balanced to give you a more intensive core training and rotational movement exercises. Choose from 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25-pound maces to suit your fitness level and build functional strength one swing at a time.

What is a Macebell?

The heavy mace, also known as the "Gada", originated in India as developed by the ancient Persian warrior elite and is still one of the traditional pieces of training equipment in modern Hindu physical culture.

The gada "war club" is essentially a blunt spherical weighted head mounted on a shaft, traditionally made of either wood or metal. The weight and length of the mace club used will depend on the strength level and skill level of the exerciser.

When used for physical fitness training, the mace is swung behind the back, around the head, and overhead in several different ways to strengthen and tax the entire upper body, build grip strength, and develop upper body endurance.

Some will equate the leverage workload of a mace bell to that of a kettlebell on the end of a shaft, meaning the longer the shaft and farther away the weighted ball is from the exerciser's center of gravity, the heavier the load will feel and the more resistance will be applied during exercise.

And, because of the uneven weight distribution and lack of counterbalance, the exerciser must apply force when twisting, pushing and pulling against gravity, therefore both using momentum AND fighting against it at the same time for a comprehensive strength training workout using power muscle groups as well as smaller muscle stabilizers combined.

What are the benefits of Macebell Training?

Perform full-body workouts - Traditional style, HIIT or time-based training methods. Incorporate it into CrossFit, resistance training, or combat training. However you want to workout, you can bring in a macebell to make exercises more challenging.

The Ntaifitness Steel Mace is one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body while mimicking real-world movement.

Using it will improve your core and rotational strength as well as endurance, speed, and agility. The way our macebell is designed builds both power muscle groups and smaller muscle groups, so you walk away from your training session knowing you pushed yourself to your limits.

If you are new to the mace, we suggest starting with the smaller steel maces until you master movements such as the 10 to 2 and 360 swing (Gravedigger, Barbarian squat, Rotating Press, etc). Great starter mace!

Heavy-duty design meets great pricing to create an impressively durable mace that gives you the best bang for your buck. Equip your home gym without breaking the bank or skimping on quality by clicking

Available Sizes (Single Mace Bells):

  • NT-10098-10 - 10 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-15 - 15 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-20 - 20 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-25 - 25 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-30 - 30 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-35 - 35 pound Mace Bell
  • NT-10098-40 - 40 pound Mace Bell

Available Set:

  • NT-10098-SET - (One Each) - 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 pound Mace Bells


  • Commercial heavy-duty quality for use in all types of facilities
  • All steel construction
  • Weighted spherical head prevents injuries from poor handling.
  • Head is fully welded to handle
  • Extended handles for greater leverage than traditional sledge hammers
  • Improves your overall strength, stamina, and endurance.
  • Weight increment stamped on the base of the handle for easy identification
  • Develop Stabilizer Muscles, Joints, and Core Strength