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The Stair Climbers Superfit-3010 by Ntaifitness is a commercial-rated step machine with revolving stairs to provide a cardio workout experience to the exerciser of true stairclimbing.

The Stair Climbers Superfit-3010 provides a superior combination of cardio and strength training in our most comfortable design ever.

The Ntaifitness Stair Climber Superfit-3010 offers the user a real stair climbing experience.

The Stairmaster Superfit-3010 uses a revolving staircase which can vary in speed enabling the machine to simulate walking or running up a flight of stairs.

This machine is a staple in any health club or gym and is always sought after by members thereof.

We add new innovations to StairMaster's portfolio that make hearts pound, lungs burn and keep members coming back to the workouts they love to hate.

Offering their Step Action and Drive System, you can utilize any of their pre-programmed workouts and take the next step to better health.

The benefits of Stairmaster Stair Climber Superfit-3010 should not be overlooked. An excellent calorie burner, its muscle toning potential for the glutes and thighs, in particular, is way beyond that of most exercise machines.

The risk of developing a stress injury when using a Stairmaster is far less than it is when doing some other forms of exercise, too.

It can provide a very challenging workout, but even working at a slow pace you will burn a lot of calories.

It's the piece of cardio equipment that looks brutal compared to all the others, with a revolving set of 8-inch stairs that closely duplicates the workout of actual stair climbing.

Stair Climbers vs. Treadmills: Which Is Better?

The Stair Climbers Superfit-3010 offers the core mechanics of our previous models wrapped in a stylish look and enhanced functionality to create a next-generation experience.

Finally, with the Touch Screen Console, it's easy to track your progress thanks to the easy-to-read Touch Screen Console display, which tracks your speed, distance, floors climbed, calories burned, and much more.


  • Electronically Controlled Alternator Brake: Electronics precisely control the pedal descent allowing a wide range of uses to exercise within their comfort zone.
  • The Widest Range of Climbing Speeds: Meet every fitness level with speeds from 24 to 162 steps per minute.
  • Handrails are ergonomically designed to promote the proper use of equipment.
    Patented revolving staircase: 8" high steps most closely duplicate the workout of real stair climbing.
  • State-of-the-Art Console: Features the Touch Screen Console with scrolling performance feedback (calories, time, distance, floors climbed, Mets and watts).
  • 6 Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Fat Burner, Aerobic Training, Speed Intervals, and Constant HR Fitness Test Multi-stage Fit Test and CPAT Fire Fit Test
  • heart Rate: Polar-compatible wireless heart rate
  • Quieter step design improves the fluidity of stepping motion and provides added cushion for joints.
    20 Resistance Levels

Invented in 1983, the Stairmaster, AKA the Stair Climber or Stairmaster Stepmill, revolutionized the fitness industry.

It allowed people to engage in low-impact aerobic activity that also worked for the body’s major muscle groups.

Coming at a time when the majority of fitness machines involved weights and resistance, stationary bikes, treadmills, and other cardio machines were not yet mainstream.

The term "Stairmaster" may refer to a stair-climbing machine with two pedals or another exercise machine that resembles a short, never-ending escalator.

The latter machine is also called a stepmill; Stairmaster produces both types of equipment. Both types of Stairmasters work your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves.

Stair Climber Benefits

Do you know the Benefits of Stair Climbers for Weight Loss and Fitness?  Stairmaster workouts are very effective for toning and strengthening the legs, hips, butt, thighs, and core. They also work the core, and they are excellent for improving balance and agility.

  • Weight Loss
    One of the Stairmaster benefits that draws so many people to it is that it allows for a high rate of calorie burn with a low-impact exercise. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, an exercise that engages the muscles of the lower body typically burns the most calories. In fact, Stairmaster weight loss results in rank as some of the highest among all fitness machines. This is because of the low impact nature of the exercise performed on the Stairmaster allows people of any fitness level to use the machine to lose weight.
  • Low-Impact
    Advancing age or injury can prevent us from engaging in the type of exercise we need to improve our health and fitness. This is often because the activity we undertake is too strenuous for our fitness level, or too hard on our joints. The Stairmaster can be of great benefit in such situations, promoting as it does a smooth and very low-impact motion with little risk of injury.
  • Excellent Lower Body Workout
    The climbing and pushing resistance required to use a Stairmaster makes for an excellent lower body workout. With a focus on the calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, you will burn fat and build strength and lean muscle mass.
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
    Using a Stairmaster 3 to 5 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes, will benefit your cardiovascular system and increase your stamina and endurance. As your fitness improves, increasing your speed and working at a higher level of resistance will enable you to continue to grow your fitness.
  • Core Workout
    The majority of toning Stairmaster benefits focus on the lower body muscle groups. By maintaining correct form as outlined in the previous paragraph and engaging your abs, you will also get a core workout.
  • More Efficient
    Because you must lift your body weight with each step, stairclimbing is highly metabolic and burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, when compared to other equipment. You can turn 45 minutes into 30 minutes, 30 minutes into 20 minutes and 20 minutes into 10 minutes! Quicker workouts mean less time for you and your clients to reach your goals and more time to get other things done!
  • Highly Functional
    Stairclimbing is a natural movement – it improves your functional mobility, strengthens your core and makes everyday tasks easier to do. Take longer hikes, climb taller monuments on vacation, last longer on dog walks with your family. Stairclimbing is celebrated by athletes, trainers, and physical therapists because it can not only improve your body, but it can also improve your life!


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)1450*880*2140