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Best Smith Machine for Sale

Best Commercial Smith Machine for Sale. Ntaifitness heavy-duty Smith Machine Power Rack is a piece of equipment used in weight training.

The Ntaifitness ROCKBOYE-1025 Smith Machine can handle even your most punishing workout.

The Ntaifitness ROCKBOYE-1025 Full Smith home gym has everything you need for a full-body workout!

Our Smith Machines has a bar angle that follows the natural path of movement for pressing or squatting.

The unique frame design allows optimal and comfortable training of all muscle groups.

Uniquely engineered Smith Bar provides a light starting weight combined with large weight capacity and an exceptionally smooth, natural feel, all while reducing high-wear components

Should you be tired of the dangerous ups and downs of an old-fashioned Smith Machine by now?

Try this innovative Smith Machine that allows you a complete range of motions — Up, down, Backward and forward.

This Smith Machine technology motion gives over 40 unrestricted exercises.

We offer you this best quality strength fitness equipment at an affordable price.

Buy Smith machines at cheap prices that meet all your needs.

if you want to exercise at home, but also an excellent, complete piece of equipment for the gym or rehabilitation center.

Product Features

  • Commercial Smith Machine
  • Independent-motion upper pulley cable crossover design with an independent-motion vertical butterfly.
  • With no counterbalance, the Smith Machine offers a low starting weight, creating a more realistic weight-lifting experience. This also reduces high-wear parts, increasing the life of the unit.
  • Two-layer coating and health powder with free-lead and free-mercury;
  • Features easy to adjust, heavy-duty safety catches.
  • Counterweight inside the D-tube eliminates shrouds.
  • Make the body cooperate with the machine very well


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2350*1530*2370
Machine Weight229kg
CushioningContoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability Pads have plastic backers to protect and increase durability
Instructional PlacardsEasy-to-follow instructions illustrate proper use and muscles trained
Hand GripsGrips retained with aluminum collars, preventing them from slipping during use; Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant