Seated Calf Raise

Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Seated Calf Raise For Sale, Talk to an Expert & Get the Best Prices on Calf Raises Machine.
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Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Seated Calf Raise For Sale

The Plate-Loaded Seated Calf Raise is designed to train the soleus muscle motions. Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raise also has an adjustable thigh paid restraint to accommodate various exercises.

A combination of user-friendly ergonomic design and advanced biomechanical engineering, the Seated Calf Raise ONEUP-3093 was created to increase calf muscle interaction and speed the rate of development.

  • Machine design emphasizes the Soleus muscle
  • Thigh pad restraint adjusts to accommodate different user sizes

The Ntaifitness calf raise machine is achieved by the use of a unique foot platform design that eliminates stress compression on the ball of the foot while providing maximum range of motion for deep muscle fiber penetration.

The calf muscles act to stabilize your ankles and feet. When your calves are strong, they are better able to provide this service and can help prevent rolling or excessive pronation or supination -- in which your foot turns inward or outward, respectively.

Runners, walkers and those who play team sports benefit from strong lower leg muscles that keep the mechanics of the lower leg in line.

Your calves work to lift the heel when you run, walk and jump.

The gastrocnemius muscle, in particular, is involved in generating power during these activities. Basketball and vol.

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)1235*720*1018mm
Machine Weight74kg

Important: The Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Seated Calf Raise  Fitness Equipment is a built-to-order product and may require a 3-6 week lead time. The Calf Raise Machine shown above uses a custom color configuration. Manufactured in China.

*This product is designed solely for use in commercial fitness settings.*

*We strive for complete accuracy with our technical specifications. However, specifications are subject to change without notice. The variation between posted information and the actual specification does not warrant any changes, modifications, or exchanges to any products affected by a variation. If we may provide further details, please contact our Ntaifitness Service Team.*

Commercial Warranty Details

  • 10 Years: Frame
  • 1 Year: Rotary bearings, weight stacks, pulleys, guide rods, and structural moving parts
  • 1 Year: Cable, linear bearings, springs
  • 90 Days: Upholstery stitching and items not specified
  • Labour: 1 Year