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Treadmill Running Machine for sale

  • Superfit-5010(LED)
  • Superfit-5010(Touch)


Are you looking for a Running Machine for your gym or club? Buy Treadmills Online at Best Prices.

Commercial Treadmills are much expensive, however; Ntaifitness Running Machine Superfit-5010 provides you same performance at the much cheaper rate.

The treadmill is almost 20% of the price of original Treadmill. This treadmill lets you exercise in the best possible way and keep you or your clients healthy.

Ntaifitness sturdy treadmill with an extra-wide belt is designed for safe and effective fitness running.

The ground-level walking surface and wide side rails make it easy to get on and off the treadmill, while extra-long safety handles provide a convenient grip for enhanced security and balance.

The gym treadmill's compact design fits easily even into tight spaces and folds for space-saving storage.

The quality and working of the machine match 97% with other original big brand treadmills but a fraction of the price. The design and working both are impressive and it will make your customers like the experience and they will come again.

The material used is of very high-quality Q235 Steel which is highly durable. The biomechanical design is combined with an elegant design which makes it beautiful and high performing.

Also, we will be providing 27 hours of after-sales services which means that if you face any problem, we will fix it.

The guaranteed product, if you face any issue you can contact us and we will resolve your issue instantly. Train with the world's best instructors from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

Our purpose is to provide a premium quality treadmill and other Aerobic Training Machines products. We offer club-inspired curved treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and more that are easy to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Get now.


  • Value for money –  This treadmill has the same performance as the original one but its price is just 20% of the original price and hence it is value for money.
  • High-Quality material– The treadmill is made from a High-quality material which is Q235 Steel.
  • Best for the gym–  This is a professional grade commercial Chinese Treadmill and it is durable and very powerful.
  • After sales services –  24 hours after sales service is available.
  • Guaranteed –  The Commercial treadmill is 100% guaranteed! If you face any issue just contact us and we will refund you full money.


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2250*940*1570
Running Area1653*560mm
Power3.0hp-7.0hp, AC Motor
Led DisplaySpeed, Incline, Distance, time.etc
Max weight150KG