Rowing Machine: Rowing for Weight Loss

Rowing Machine: Rowing for Weight Loss

With the increased availability of food and modern mechanisms, our bodies have got used to a comfortable lifestyle. However, with this comfort, our bodies have become less fit than they used to be. Thus it's become essential, that we exercise to keep our bodies fit.

Thus Rowing machine is a great way to cut the flab and keep the calories burning. There is innumerable Water Rowing Machine, which is available in the market. The rowing machine can be used at home as well as in the gym. A word of caution, before you start any form of exercise, it's important to ask the advice of the doctor.

There are many options, which are available in the market. The difference between the cheaper and the more expensive models are the range of functions that they offer. Thus when you are looking at buying, it's important that Rowing machine reviews and functions are noted.

For this, you can visit several websites as well as physical stores, where the range is on display. Purchase a fitness rower after doing a thorough market research dependent upon whether you want it for home use or professional use, the price and your personal budget, the functions and the material used in the fitness rower.

Rowing machine provides a great cardiovascular workout. Since at the same time, one works out the arm as well as the calf muscles, it's a complete workout for the whole body assay compared to a treadmill. As with swimming, it gives a complete body workout, therefore its essential that a Rowing machine is incorporated. for those who want to shed their calories.

The rowing machine is also known by other names such as stamina air rower or simply air rower. The more compact air rowers can even be folded away, thus making the space usage optimum.

Part 1 of our brand new weight loss series!

This series is going to cover the basics of human movement: coordination, agility, and balance. So, let's get you started with a few basic tools such as a few different types of balls. Lacrosse balls, mobility balls, etc.

Step 1 the balance.

Can you balance on one foot for 1 minute? Can you alternate evenly? Do you struggle on one side more than the other? If so, grab a prop (PVC pipe, door frame, broom). Your feet are the foundation of your body. Also, we suggest doing this barefoot.

IF you can balance on one foot successfully, can you do so and throw a ball back and forth? Can you bounce the ball while you're balancing? Can you switch feet? This is the beginning of a mind-body connection. Coordination + agility. Once you get comfortable with your balance, add on a challenging surface.

If your feet can't articulate underneath you to help you balance and walk, then there's no point moving on to heavy weights or cardio. It all starts with your foundation.

Step 2, add in a gentle push and pull of the arms.

Maybe it's a stair railing or a bed frame, a dresser, any elevated surface. Establish a good plank and move your chest to the surface, controlled reps for 8-10 reps, 3-5 sets. Make sure your elbow stay near to the body. Fully extend the elbow, fully extend your body down to the surface.

Next, move to a pull. Get creative. Use a TRX, rings, whatever you want. Elevate your hips and move your chest to the surface. Or perform a "ring row" type movement. The angle should be easy enough -- the higher the easier.

Step 3, when it comes to using the rowing machine for weight loss, start with the basics.

Don't deviate from good movement. As you improve on this journey, you'll be able to get deeper into the catch. You can still lose weight rowing at half-slide. Only row for 1-3 minutes at a time.

In part 2 of our weight loss series

We're talking about hinging at the hip and moving properly. For this drill, you'll need to take a PVC pipe and aline it along with your spine. Move, maintaining contact, as far as you can without disconnecting from the pipe, making sure to hinge at the hip.

The hip hinge is a critical part of daily movements such as picking up groceries, doing laundry, and just about every daily activity.

Next, we'll take you through a drill to get on and off the floor. Spread your feet and plant one hand on the floor, kick one foot out and sit, then straighten both legs.

This may seem simple, but it's the core of the human movement. It's challenging so don't over-estimate how simple it looks. What matters is that you push through and persevere.

Next up, we're focusing on being on all fours. Get on your hands and knees, place your hands underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips, and pull your toes underneath you. From there, lift your hips and imagine a scalding cup of coffee on your back that has to stay put so it doesn't burn you. Then, practice moving the opposite hand to the opposite knee.

Back to the rower, think in 5-minute increments. And start to apply a bit of force. Take your time in the rhythm and do 2-3 rounds.

We're back for Part 3!

We hope you've spent about a month on parts 1 and 2, even though that might seem like an eternity. A weight loss journey is not an overnight transformation. It takes time!

For part 3 we're going to give you pieces we want you to incorporate into each workout. Start with balance and coordination and add those in.

It's all about being as playful and as childlike as possible. Go play!

Then add in the Agility piece. Hop back and forth, sideways, etc. Then you'll hinge at the hip. And then we'll have you add in a squat. One of our favorite things is to spend ten minutes a day at the bottom of a squat, ten minutes accumulated in a day.

Then we want to see you incorporate a push into your workout, ensuring that you're keeping and maintaining good positioning. And of course, we want you to add in a pull.

And finally, the row. Today we're going to build in intensity and volume. Maybe 10 rounds of 250m sprints. Or do 10 minutes of rhythmic rowing, or 20, maybe you can do 30.

We hope this is the beginning of a healthier, happier life for you!

Rowing is built for indoor rowers and gyms who want to use the rowing machine as a tool for their training, workouts, weight loss and recovering from injury.

You’ll get workouts, coaching, and support all around the Concept 2 rowing machine. This is THE place to get great workouts and understand the rowing machine.

Rowing is built for indoor rowers and gyms who want to use the rowing machine as a tool for their training, workouts, weight loss and recovering from injury.

You’ll get workouts, coaching, and support all around the Concept 2 rowing machine. This is the place to get great workouts and understand the rowing machine. You can read this helpful rowing machine reviews on our blog, Check here It's All About The CONCEPT2 ROWING MACHINE.

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