Rope Pull Machine

Rope Pull Machine for Sale. Work your core, back and get some cardio in on the endless rope pull machine. Ntaifitness rope machine is a commercial-grade rope trainer that’s up for any challenge you or your members can come up with! Visit us today!
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Rope Pull Machine - Buy Endless Rope Machine Online

Looking for Rope Pulling Resistance Machine online?

Shop & save on rope pulling resistance machine at Ntaifitness for your home gym.

Ntaifitness Rope Pull Machine is a no-nonsense fitness machine. You're constantly pulling against resistance, so it quickly elevates your heart rate.

Ntaifitness rope climbing machine features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverses pull.

The Ntaifitness rope machine gym equipment is a versatile and effective tool for strength, biceps, cardiovascular and total body conditioning.

Ntaifitness endless rope pull machine provides a simple solution allowing any user to vary the power output throughout the entire path of each pull of the rope, which is unique with every motion.

Resistance automatically and instantaneously gives the user varied resistance with each and every pull of the rope creating a simple, safe and extremely effective training environment promoting limitless adaptive potential to any user.

Our Climbing Rope Machine creates increased resistance; the faster the rope is moved, allowing for conditioning for specific fitness outcomes.

This Machine, Ntaifitness Rope Trainer is one of the most functional pieces of functional training equipment.

Exercise options are endless and fun.

The Benefits of Ntaifitness rope training machines

  • Upper-body strength & power
  • Grip strengthening
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning
  • Total-body integration
  • High-calorie bum endurance training, alternative for those with lower extremity injuries
  • A fun & engaging workout for all ability and fitness levels

How to use a Rope Pull Machine?

  • Vertical Pull Down: Sitting on the bench, close to the rope, pull down on the rope, one arm after the other.
  • Power Swing: Grip rope with both hands above the shoulder and pull down in a bat-swinging motion, finishing with hands out in front of the body.
  • Standing AB Crunch: Grip rope with arms extended above head and pull down to a crunch position, focusing on abs.
  • FireMan Overhead Pull: Position your feet on the floor platform. Keeping back straight, lift up first with legs, then continue upward with arms.
  • Seated Diagonal Pull: With rope carriage in the middle position, sit further back on the bench, keep upper body straight and pull one arm after the other。 Emphasize core by twisting body.
  • Kneeling Lat Pull: Kneel on the bench and pull rope using lat and shoulder muscles, focusing on the arm at a time.
  • Tricep Pull: Keeping body upright, bend arms at the elbows and pull down on the rope.
  • Bicep Lift: Position your feet on the floor platform. Using one or both arms, pull up on rope using biceps while standing upright.
  • Shoulder Lift: Position your feet on the floor platform. With elbows pointing outward, lift up on the rope, one arm after the other. Keep body upright.