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Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Rack

Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Rack Weight Training Power Racks Perfect for Any Home Gym. Shop Ntaifitness Power Rack & Squat Rack‎ Online at Affordable Prices‎. Now Available in Color. For Entry-Level to Power Lifters.
US $1850.00 US $1595.00

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Basic

Looking to improve your gym's rigs? We have Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Basic for Sale. Buy Ntaifitness Commercial Gym Rig for Crossfit gyms, schools, colleges, training studios, and fitness centers. Click to view!
US $4500.00 US $2850.00

Lever Arms Jammer Arms Squat Rack Smith Machine Combo

Looking for Smith Machine, Half Rack, Multi-Grip Chin Up? Get the best deals on Ntaifitness Power Rack Smith Machine Combo with Lever Arms Strength Training Gym Equipment. Designed for home use and personal training studio.
US $3680.00 US $2145.00

Power Cage

Buy Commercial Gym Equipment Power Racks Machine with Low Price From Power Racks Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Ntaifitness, Call Us +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839.
US $450.00 US $330.00

Power Squat Rack

Buy Ntaifitness Power Racks for Weight Lifting and Strength Training, Our Heavy Duty Power racks are sturdy and great for home gyms and commercial gyms. At an affordable price. Order yours today from Ntaifitness. This power rack offers the best value and features available for your home gym setup.
US $3850.00 US $2145.00

Smith Machine Half Cage

The Ntaifitness COMMERCIAL SMITH MACHINE / HALF CAGE COMBO RACK is create a fully-loaded functional training gym. Power Smith Machines for sale. Shop a wide selection of smith machines on Ntaifitness. Great prices and discounts on the best smith machines.
US $2850.00 US $2035.00

Combo Smith Machine

Looking for Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Smith Machine Combo Machine? Shop for Ntaifitness All-In-One Total Body Strength Home Gym Machine Combo Smith Machine, Functional Trainer & Power Rack Online at fitness-china.com.
US $2850.00 US $2585.00

Half Cage Smith Machine

Are you looking for COMMERCIAL SMITH MACHINE / HALF CAGE COMBO RACK? Get the best deals on Power Cages, Racks & Smith Machines on Ntaifitness. Direct Manufacturer Savings On Top Quality Equipment! Order Online Now.
US $2650.00 US $1925.00

Half Power Rack

Looking for Best Heavy Duty Squat Stands? Take Your Home Gym To The Next Level With Ntaifitness Power Racks, Squat Rack Stands, & Cages. Find the right Power Rack that fits your budget and needs. See Our Top Picks at Affordable Prices‎! Find Great Deals Now!
US $860.00 US $418.00

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Box

Looking for Indoor Outdoor Functional Training Station? Quality China Made Fitness Racks & Rigs for Any Size Training Space. Shop Now!
US $3850.00 US $2980.00

Power Rack with Weight Stack

Find Deals on Power Rack with Lat Pulldown, Ntaifitness Power Squat Rack Features both a lat pull down and low row position. Shop 100+ Squat & Power Racks, Stands, & Rigs. Find Your Perfect Rack Today! Order Online!
US $2450.00 US $1980.00

Smith Cable Rack

Looking for Strength Training Smith Machines? Take your home gym to the next level with a Ntaifitness Smith Machine, Ntaifitness has a wide assortment of Smith Machine racks to choose from for your home or club. Targeted Training For Home & Gym Use
US $2560.00 US $2035.00

Smith Machine Half Rack Combo

Buy Smith Machine Half Rack Combo Online, Ntaifitness Custom Power Racks Are Designed With Safety, Comfort And Durability In Mind. Shop Power Rack Combo & More. Get Power Rack Combo at Ntaifitness Today. Save on Power Rack Combo. Quick & Easy Returns In-Store.
US $2450.00 US $2035.00

Half Rack

Seriously, We Have Powe Rack‎. Get your best workout with Hammer Strength HD Elite Half Rack from Ntaifitness. The dynamic HD Elite Half Rack is our most space-conscious rack. Shop Power racks, weight cages, squat racks & stands, half racks, smith machines & more.
US $1650.00 US $1320.00

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Center Storage

HEARCHY-2600-Center Storage
Buy a Huge range of CrossFit Rigs available from the Ntaifitness. Our Modular Training Rigs & Frames for all your gym & exercise equipment storage needs.
US $8590.00 US $6985.00

Multi Rack

Shop Ntaifitness Fitness Full Commercial Multi Power Rack, choose from our wide variety of options including fully-loaded Racks & Cages, Power Rack & Squat Stands. Build Your Custom Power Rack Your Way.
US $1758.00 US $1375.00

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Monkey

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rigs Monkey for sale, Industrial monkey bar rig for free weights, storage, wall training, suspension, and other applications.
US $12800.00 US $7350.00

Half Rack with Lat Pulldown

The Ntaifitness Half Rack Package features the commercial-grade Workbench Half Rack, Lat Tower Attachment, and multi-position Workbench Utility Bench.
US $1450.00 US $836.00

Buy Power Racks, CrossFit Rigs, Cross Functional Rigs For Full Body Workout

Crossfit Rigs For Sale, Ntaifitness has a full line of Racks, RIGs, squat stands, and storage options. Our range of racks and rigs provide durable solutions for gyms, sports clubs and all types of training facilities.

Created for the athletes looking to take their training the next level, choose from Ntaifitness, Rigs, Racks, Platforms, Rack Accessories or Cages for the ideal lifting solution for any space. Our Racks & Rigs will add serious infrastructure to any training center large or small. Most options are modular in design, allowing you to add accessories or increase the span of an existing set up down the line. Configurations include individual racks, wall-mounted rigs or stand-alone rigs.

Made from high quality materials and manufactured to the highest of standards our racks and ricks are reliable and durable, providing its users full confidence to give it their all whilst they train. Our Rigs and Racks are designed for professional training centers, schools and military facilities, where only the toughest systems will do, and durability is put to the test day after day.

While working out and organizing your space at your studio, garage gym, basement workout space, or home gym you want to be able to protect yourself, your equipment, and the space you use to workout in. That’s where the many storage options that Ntaifitness offers comes in handy.

All constructed of heavy duty steel, any of these power racks are sure to handle your heaviest lift, and provide you with all the safety components you would need to lift. With a variety of accessories to add to your Power rack like a cable crossover, dip handles, short bar holders, or counter balance for your Smith Machine, you are sure to get the best out of your body utilizing our power racks.

Any of our other rigs you see pictured are all well suited to provide the best functional training space for your facility. Any of our rigs can be customised to provide all the tools you need for effective functional training.

Customize Your Gym Equipment

Equally customisable, our products can be adapted to our clients needs offering innovative training options and safe saving storage solutions. Customize and design your ideal gym equipment for your studio, public gym or even your home gym. Offering a pre-configured or completely customized system to fit your needs.

From our own innovative models to custom-build set ups designed by you, we can cater to any shape, size or need. All of our power racks are built with customization in mind, and we produce a wide range of squat rack attachments and add-ons that enable any gym owner to truly adapt their rack to their specific preferences.

Buy CrossFit Rigs for your Functional Training Gym

The rig is the arguably the most important piece of kit in any CrossFit affiliate or box. We offer our own premium quality commercial designs or can fully customise any rig to allow you to deliver professional programs.

All our rigs are made to order specific to size requirements.

Shop Ntaifitness range of functional training Gym Rigs at affordable prices, with a wide range of solutions to create a comprehensive set up for your commercial gym, Call for home gym & custom gym equipment at +86-0534-5088836, +0534-5388839

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