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Push Sled for Sale, Buy Speed Weighted Power Sleds Online

Ntaifitness Push/pull weight sleds are ideal for general conditioning, sprint and speed training, and posterior chain development. Our upgraded design that's perfect for speed and power training. Easily adjust the weight of the sled for super-quick sprints or heavy duty pushing.

Take your training to the next level with this versatile conditioning tool. Whether you are pulling or pushing, the Ntaifitness sled is bound to give you an intense workout. Upright push poles allow for both low and high push stances, while the carabiner holes on both sides of the sled allow for the attachment of a strap for pulling exercises.

This is a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym. PUSH PULL WEIGHTED POWER SPEED SLED pushes are also a good tool for improving work capacity and muscular endurance.

  • Commercial-grade quality and Space Saver. You can train and condition your muscle groups better with the Ntaifitness Sled System, including your abs, glutes, arms, and legs. Load up the sled and have two people push - intervals, relay workouts, or races, the options are endless.
  • We've built a maximum-efficiency weight sled that’s still equipped for intense, multi-surface training. This sled can be used anywhere, making it ideal for conditioning and training. Use it on grass and turf as well! No matter where you use your sled, you’ll get a great workout. Many football players use this sled to improve their acceleration, power, and strength. Sprinters and runners also depend on sleds to better their speed and agility.
  • Push and Pull Your Way To Fitness with Weighted Sled Training! Sleds introduce a variety of workouts that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. This equipment is incredibly versatile; it can be pushed, pulled, or dragged, working out different muscle groups. You can even attach battle ropes to your sled to bulk up your arms. Perform sled rows, pull-throughs, sprints, and core exercises with this sled system.

Add this Weight Sled Low Push Pull Sled Heavy Duty Fitness Sled Training Sled to your workout gear today! Shop Push & Pull Sleds for the True Strongman Training Experience at Ntaifitness.

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