12 Best Budget Power Rack Attachments You Should Have

12 Best Budget Power Rack Attachments You Should Have

When you have a power rack in your workout room, you’re likely constantly wondering about what you can add to it to make it a little more effective. After all, these racks aren’t very useful on their own, but once you find the right accessories to attach to them, they become true miracle-workers that can take care of anyone’s workout needs.

It is certainly much easier to meet your fitness goals when you have the attachments you need to work on every body part so that you can be as fit as you wish to be. If you’re curious about some of the best attachments for your power rack, below are a few to consider.

Lat Pulldown Attachment for Power Rack

A good lateral pulldown attachment is a basic for working out because it provides a great way to work on biceps, triceps, and many other parts of your arms and shoulders. With this attachment, you can perform bicep curls, shrugs, pulldowns, rows, and more to work on all parts of your upper body. The best ones are made out of aircraft-quality cables with nylon coatings so that they are strong and durable but comfortable at the same time.

If you’ve already got the rack and need the pulldown attachment only, make sure you find an attachment that will fit the rack you own, which is easy to do. Best of all, once you find the right lateral pulldown attachment for your needs, you’ll likely be able to attach other devices to it later on.

J Hooks

J hooks are important devices because they attach to your rack and allow you to rest certain tools on top of them to hold them in place, including barbells of different weights and sizes. When you have loose weights that are large in size, it’s not always convenient to place them on the floor when they’re not being used. If you attach your J hooks to your power rack in different locations, this means you’ll have several places that you can rest all of your barbells on when they aren’t being used.

J hooks are super sturdy and can normally accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight, which means they can handle any type of weight or other device you place on them. They are also made out of high-quality stainless steel to last longer.

Power Rack Dip Attachment

Dips are very common power rack attachments because they are round devices that you attach to the sides of the rack. You can grab onto the dips and lift yourself up to work on your arm strength. You can attach these dips to any part of the rack, including midway up the rack or even near the bottom when you’re trying to work a different set of muscles.

They are made out of solid steel and can usually accommodate more than 300 lbs, which means they are the perfect tool for body-builders of all sizes. These are very versatile attachments that provide numerous uses for you to get the most out of every workout.

Power Rack Safety Straps

Safety straps make every workout much safer and are usually attached between two sections of your power rack. As you work with your barbells, you can rest them on your safety straps in between reps, and the straps are made to be both sturdy and flexible, so they are never uncomfortable to work with.

Made out of a very sturdy type of nylon, these safety straps are built to last and can be used even for very heavy barbells. The reinforced straps are usually rated to 10,000 pounds per strap, which is 20,000 pounds total and enough to handle any barbell device you’re working with.

Power Rack Safety Bars

Safety bars are multipurpose bars you install on your power rack so that you can rest different barbells and bars on them when they’re not being used. They are similar to J hooks but have a completely different design and are often built to accommodate up to 500 lbs or more of weight. This gives them multiple uses and their 10- and 11-gauge steel construction means they’ll be there for a very long time.

Most are also coated with some type of powder coat finish to resist rust and chips, and they make perfect spotter arms because they are the perfect length to accommodate this type of function.

Power Rack Pull-up Bar

When it comes to accessories for your workout rack, a good pull-up bar is an essential. Most people who are interested in a complete body workout include pull-ups in their routine, and this is the perfect attachment because it fits nicely on the top section of the rack and is made to accommodate a lot of weight – usually up to around 1200 lbs. Since the bar is made for pull-ups, it will fit perfectly provided you first make sure it is compatible with your system, and these bars cost a lot less than you might think.

Smith Machine Attachment

The main difference between a power rack and a Smith machine is that the latter moves on a fixed track and is therefore a self-spotting rack system. Many of these are total body workout machines and include everything you need for a good workout, which means you’ll likely not need to add too many things to it to get started working out right away.

In other words, this is not so much an attachment or accessory for your rack but an individual workout system on its own. There are also hybrid racks that offer the advantages of both a standard squat cage power rack and a Smith machine, giving you lots of options for your workouts.

Lever Arm Kit

Lever arms stick out from your rack and usually have weights on the other side so that you can stand and push upward to lift your weights and work out. The best part is that they are able to accommodate a lot of weight, which means regardless of how much weight you can lift, the lever arms will always provide the strength you need to make it happen. You can perform deadlifts, pull-ups, presses, squats, and much more once you install one of these arms, and because of the way they are made, you can count on them accommodating you regardless of the exercise you’re doing. These arms are yet another way to help you make the most of your fitness routine, and most importantly, they are built to last.

Adjustable Monolift Attachment

Monolift attachments are important power rack accessories because they both save space and provide you with a multitude of functions. The hooks swing back once the bar is lifted, making benching and squatting safer when you’re training alone. In practical terms, this means that when you do a bench press, you can set it to your exact bench position, eliminating the need to “un-rack” the bar. If you’re doing squats, you can do so without having to do a walkout.

In many ways, a monolift attachment is more of a necessity than a luxury since it contributes so much to your workout, and the fact that it’s adjustable means it is super easy to work with every time. It is even covered in a heavy-duty plastic so that it lasts a super-long time.

Flying Pull-up Attachment

With adjustable rung spacing and a gradual incline to make the workout a little more challenging, these flying pull-up attachments provide you with heavy-gauge mounting arms for extra-secure attachments, which means you can use it without worrying about it being able to accommodate your weight or your workout.

Take your time moving from one rung to another or try to race against time, but these are well-made devices that attach easily and will provide you with lots of great upper-body workouts year after year regardless of how rough and ready you want your workouts to be.

Plate Storage Attachment

Weight plates are an important part of most workouts, which is why attachments to hold those plates are so important to your heavy duty power rack. These are basic devices that nearly all fitness enthusiasts need, and they are made to attach directly to your rack so that you don’t have to move to another part of the room to store your weight plates.

They make exercising with weights very simple and much less time-consuming, and since they are built specifically for this purpose, they can usually accommodate an awful lot of weights. Their solid stainless-steel design also means you can rely on them year after year.

Power Rack Landmine Attachment

Landmine attachments are attached to the rack’s upright and help you perform a variety of exercises, including landmine presses and rows, bent-over rows, Russian twists, and many others that can help you improve your core and shoulder strength. They are usually around 16 inches long and attach easily, and they provide you with a challenging workout every time you use them.

Sturdy and well-built, they are also designed to fit securely so that you can use them for many years to come without worry. This is a great complement to any other attachments you have on your power rack.