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Lifting Platform for Sale, Buy Olympic Weightlifting Platform Online


The Best Rated Weight Lifting Platforms and Olympic Lifting Platforms For Commercial Gyms

Ntaifitness offers the best pricing on platforms and fitness equipment for your commercial and residential needs.

Available as an option with Half-Racks, Power Racks, Multi Racks, and both sides of a double half rack. Platforms can be used alone or as a transition to an adjoining strength platform.

We start with our commercial-quality Valkyrie steel frame. The most durable finish we've ever made. Boasts extreme quality, durability, and a commercial finish made from a completely renewable source. Designed specifically for Olympic and Power Lifting. With custom color frames and corners available this platform makes a statement in your gym. China Made and extremely durable training surface for multiple athletes.

A commercial quality Olympic weightlifting platform is engineered to combine rubber matting and a wood sub-structure that disperses the "load shock" and absorbs the energy of the plates and bar.

New or replacement platforms for your weight room. We can also add your custom branded logo on the panel at your request (additional costs apply). We can match your logo design and colors to give you and your team the perfect look and feel.

Using our custom platforms makes replacing old platforms or simply adding new weightlifting platforms to your weight room easy and affordable. It is very simple to custom fit our all-rubber weightlifting platforms to your current or future racks and rigs. In most cases, all we need are two dimensions of the inside of your rack and we can generate a quote and then build the platform-specific to your need. Professional weight room design maximizes the use of the space and resources available with key equipment like weight lifting platforms.

weightlifting platform for sale

We are Weight Lifting Platform Wholesale, Weight Lifting Suppliers in China.

Ntaifitness Platforms reduce sound and vibration by more than 50%, where the competition doesn’t. Compare our pricing with the others, you will be glad you did.


The NT-1305 is one of the best values in lifting platforms you'll find in any school weight room or commercial gym. And The NT-1305 platform is perfect for all Olympic Lifts, as well as CMB work or dumbbell complexes.

  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding
  • More affordable price point while retaining value, performance, and durability
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment
  • You choose the frame color
  • Freestanding design allows the platform to be placed anywhere
  • Olympic Lifting Platform Dimensions 300cm x 200cm
  • Material: Steel, Rubber, Wood
  • Metal Frame, Rubber Tiles

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