Spine Corrector Pilates

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Spine Corrector Pilates for Sale


The beautiful curvature of our Spine Corrector Pilates provides a comfortable and supportive contour.  Designed to focus on the core abdominal, back and shoulder muscles.

Superior comfort and better ergonomics are the benefits of our new Spine Corrector. The elongated arch fits a wider range of body types, and the rounded step truly improves comfort and support.

Our Spine Corrector makes it perfect for boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegant and professional Pilates equipment.

Specifically designed for Boutique Pilates Studios / Physiotherapy Clinics or the fastidious home user seeking professional-level Pilates equipment.

Different names for essentially the same thing, the Pilates Spine Corrector, Step Barrel or Hump Barrel sort of resembles a whistle shape, with a semi-circular arch plus an angled step or seat. Handles or grips on the side allow for more security in movement.

Like most barrels, this unit is effective for stretching the spine and shoulders in a safe, stabilized, supported way. It adds variety and challenge to a Pilates mat routine or circuit training session whether one is a novice or expert.

These are becoming popular items for Pilates instructors to program in group exercise classes as well.

Pilates Spine Corrector Features

  • Constructed of timber laminated board with internal reinforcements, our Spine Corrector offers strength and stability.
  • Upholstered with our superior PU Leather and combined with generous padding, makes it plush and durable;
  • Each side of the Spine Corrector comes with handles to assist with moving it around your studio, and for during exercises;
  • Order custom colors;


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)820*920*300 mm