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Pilates Reformer For Sale


The Ntaifitness Pilates Reformer is aesthetically pleasing and will be a perfect fit for both boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegance and highly functional Pilates equipment made in China.

This unit has been designed and built for commercial purposes but is equally perfect for those fastidious home users wanting the highest grade solution.

Ntaifitness Pilates Reformer sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Pilates Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.

This model represents the accumulation of our design evolution stemming from professional contributions and new design developments.  Crafted from oak, the finish is smooth with a lustrous satin finish.

Mainframe sections are built with lapped and fitted joints that provide strength, durability, and stability.

Padded surfaces are comfortable and supportive, cervical support is provided with three generous headrest positions. Shoulder rests are quick removable [double faced] and have four shoulder-width settings that are excellent for adapting between small to wide shouldered individuals.

Six spring connectivity [including two heavy springs, two medium springs, and two light springs] combined with a three-position spring gear allows you to set your resistance of choice.

Always keep your eye on the fine details! These units include premium quality fixtures and fittings that have been sourced from respective global market leaders that ensure quick and easy adjustment, combined with excellent life expectancy.

It is available in dark or light wood combined with a wide range of upholstery colors.

Reformer Features

  • Made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum extrusion, and Imported oak, making our hero home PILATES REFORMER with a beautiful, solid and stable platform. The oak is completed for you in a satin finish which is smooth and lustrous;
  • Aluminum parts are anodized for strength and durability. Anodizing helps reduce friction whilst importantly, preventing oxidation and eliminating the typical "black dust" found on non-anodized alternatives;
  • The carriage has a strong under the rame with adjustable alignment control, whilst on the upper surface features comfortable foam padding for precise proprioceptive feedback, which in all, equates to an extremely responsive and stable surface;
  • Premium quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring easy adjustment and long life expectancy;
  • Rope length adjustments can be made quickly and easily;
  • Beautifully padded and lined double looped hand/foot straps for comfort and control. Including additionally a pair of D-Handles, and a Bootstrap;
  • The carriage has SIX (6) resistance springs;
  • Bed height is ideal for exercises in sitting, standing or lying positions. For client assisted work, the table height allows the physician to comfortably attend to their client's treatment;
  • Constructed of solid hardwood to guarantee stability, resistance, and durability. The frame is finished with a lustrous satin finish;
  • Various spring attachment sites offer good functionality;
  • Carriage pad covered with dense foam and upholstered in durable synthetic leather- soft and comfortable, yet firm to the knees;
  • Comfortable shoulder pads that allow a user to relax;
  • The height-adjustable rope pulley system with hand and foot loops allow changes in the angle of resistance;
  • Heavy-duty hardware throughout;
  • Sliding crossbars provide numerous positions for spring attachments and slide smoothly without using any lubricants;
  • Horizontal and vertical slider bars;
  • Chromed steel push through bar adjustable in height, with 360º movement;
  • A frame is sanded by hand and finished with a lustrous satin finish.
  • Order custom colors;
  • The Trapeze Table/Cadillac should be used by only one person at a time and not weighing over 150kgs. The maximum weight limit for performing exercises while hanging from the horizontals, or fully suspended type exercises, is 90kgs.
  • Includes Box and Jump Board.

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2490*740*800 mm