Pilates Cadillac Reformer

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Pilates Cadillac Reformer For Sale


Our Pilates Cadillac, Trapeze Table is perfect for boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegant and highly functional, professional Pilates equipment.

Ntaifitness Pilates Cadillac Machine provides the user/physician with the broadest range of possible routines and exercises than any other brands' alternative on the market.

For routines associated with rehabilitation through to advanced acrobatics, our Trapeze Table offers flexibility in adjustment for various body sizes and shapes, and for differing levels of abilities or for those with disabilities.

Choose between Aluminum & Wood Handles or Leather & Wood Handles. Each Pilates Cadillac arrives with Arms Springs, Leg Springs, Roll Down Springs, Foot Straps, Belly Straps, a complete Trapeze Assembly, Push-Thru Bar, Roll Down Bar, Sheepskin Hanging Loops, and Kuna Board/Spread Eagle Board.

Pilates Cadillac Reformer Features:

  • Pilates Cadillac structure made from stainless steel; engineered and built for stability. All moving sections are locked into place using indexing hand knobs – just pull to unlock the position, slide to the new position, and release hand knob to lock position;
  • Pilates Cadillac base frame is made from Canadian Maple, which has a smooth and lustrous satin finish. Rectangular frame sections are built with lapped and fitted joints, remaining joints are either a dowel or slotted to provide stability and durability;
  • Aluminum parts are anodized for strength and durability, whilst reducing friction, preventing oxidation and eliminating "black dust.";
  • Four broad, solid and beautifully made trapeze connection points for connecting the trapeze frame to that of the timber frame provides maximum stability which also disperses the stress of trapeze associated activities evenly throughout the frame;
  • Bed height is ideal for exercises in sitting, standing or lying positions (see below measurements).
  • For client assisted work, the table height allows the physician to comfortably attend to their client's needs;
  • Equipped with Push-Through Bar and Solid Roll-Down Bar;
  • Push Through Bar made from anodized aluminum and is adjustable to three (3) heights (pinch point tested).
  • Comes inclusive of a Push-Through Bar Safety Strap facilitating upward resistance exercises by limiting the fall of the Push Through Bar;
  • Upon the top horizontal bars is the horizontal sliding bar. Here hangs the removable padded hanging trapeze.
  • This sliding bar is secured by index hand knobs. To move, lightly pull down on the handles to release the sliding bar and turn these to secure their retaining pins.
  • This allows the user to then slide the bar to the desired position. The released the index hand knobs then click on the position where wanted;
  • A vertically adjustable horizontal bar located at one end of the trapeze frame and above the reformer foot bar, allows the user to define the height of their spring connection point for exercises from either upon the mat or outside the frame;
  • Various spring attachment sites offer good functionality;
  • Fluffies (1 pair). Our fluffies can be looped directly on the trapeze horizontal bar, or via two included carabineer clips for connecting these to springs, the hanging trapeze, or the various bolt eye positions found on the trapeze frame or sliding sections;
  • Order custom colors;

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2410*2100*740 mm