Pilates Box

Pilates Reformer Box for Sale, Ntaifitness Pilates Box Sale at Lowest Possible Price for Reformer Exercises. This standard size Reformer Box is for use with all Ntaifitness Reformer models.
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Pilates Reformer Box for Sale


Ntaifitness Standard Long/Short Pilates Reformer Box allows a greater range of motion and facilitates a variety of exercises while seated or lying on the Reformer.

The Ntaifitness REFORMER SPINE BOX and pole helps in supporting and stabilizing your entire body and increasing your sense of poise and control.

Whether you have back issues, an injury, or simply find it hard to get lower to the glide board, use this Pilates Box to enhance your traditional practice. Enjoy taking your workouts to the next level!

Shop Ntaifitness Professional Pilates Equipment: Reformer, Cadillac Tables, Pilates Box, and more.

Our Pilates Equipment Made with Sustainability & Innovation at the Forefront. Customize your equipment: Upholstery colors, Wood Finish. Customized upholstery. Buy Now!

Reformer Short Box exercises

  • Round (Hug)
  • The Reach
  • Side-to-Side
  • Twist and Reach
  • The Tree

Reformer Box Options

  • Reformer Box - Extra Tall
  • Reformer Box - Extra Long
  • Reformer Box - Regular


  • Box for Reformer- All Reformers come with this item by default.
  • Solid wood construction
  • Standard with black upholstery.