Pendulum Squat

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Pendulum Squat for Sale


The Ntaifitness ONEUP-3302 Pendulum Squat Machine is Ideal for squats, calf work and reverse lunges.

Ntaifitness Pendulum Squat removes some of the risks associated to the traditional barbell squat without compromising the squat movement and potential strength gains. Reduce the weight and do leaps to build explosive power.

Ntaifitness engineers knew that the best way to build an explosive lower body. This Pendulum squat and calf raise Machine has an incredibly simple yet unbelievably effective design. This Pendulum Squat has a large range of motion, a large back pad to secure body placement.

The Ntaifitness Pendulum Squat offers an incredible way to work your legs. The angled platform allows for the user to perform a deeper squat as well as providing the option of different foot positions to target particular muscle groups.

It is also worth noting this Pendulum squat can also operate as a Calf Raise for the user to specifically target their calf muscles. Knees can stay in a healthy position without excessive strain and athletes can position themselves to minimize strain on the lower back.

This piece significantly decreases the pressure on the lower back as well and allows for a very large degree of flexibility when it comes to foot position.

With our variable weight counterbalance users can offset the weight of the heavy duty arm and so work to their own capabilities.

They should be the major building element in your leg session. This is because the compounds and squats in this case will work your quads, gluts, and hamstring all together. This will help you gain good mass and develop the killer legs you will need to step onto the bodybuilding stage.

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  • Our new most popular leg machine
  • Comfortable handle position throughout range of motion.
  • Large, angled heavy-duty footplate for added stability. Large non-skid footplate provides proper positioning for all users.
  • Pads are extra-thick and specifically contoured for you comfort.
  • Custom color options available. Powder coat finish, choose a colour code when placing an order.
  • Heavy-duty steel.
  • Frame Powder coat finish.
  • Perform leaps to build explosive power.
  • Built for years of maintenance free use.