Olympic Decline Bench

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Olympic Decline Bench for Sale, Buy Olympic Decline Weight Bench Online

The Ntaifitness Olympic Decline Bench aeroEX-6066 provides correct user positioning for a wide variety of users.

The Ntaifitness Olympic Decline Bench aeroEX-6066 is an effective tool for building and strengthening the lower and mid pectoral muscles.

Use the Olympic decline press in addition to a flat and incline press for total pec development and increased upper body strength. Quick and easy access to your Olympic plates will make workouts quicker and better.

From storage racks for dumbbells and weight plates to Smith machines, Olympic benches, and other accessory strength pieces, the Olympic Decline Bench aeroEX-6066 is perfect for all types of facility.

Olympic Decline Bench has 2 Olympic bar racking positions and has an adjustable kneepad to accommodate users of all sizes.  Weight storage pegs are provided on both sides for the organization of your weight plates.

Ntaifitness Olympic Decline Bench for sale Machine has some typical marks of wear and tear but is an extremely solid piece of equipment.

Featuring a wide selection of used weight lifting and military-style strength-building benches. Flat, Olympic, incline benches to fit your workout.

From standard flat benches to inclines and declines with storage, and even a competition bench, if you're looking for an Olympic bench to add to your arsenal, Ntaifitness has it.

The user-friendly design which makes training effective and comfortable Benches, racks and accessories have a simple, robust design which stands up to heavy use in gyms all around the world.

Please note there is a 4-6 week lead time on this product.

Ntaifitness has all the bench press and weight benches you need to hit these important muscles perfectly. Whether you need an Olympic bench press, flat weight bench or incline/decline weight bench, Ntaifitness has the equipment to suit your needs.

Product Features

  • Welded steel frame
  • Heavy-duty vinyl cushions
  • Full commercial warranty
  • All commercial-grade materials