Leg Press For Glutes To Get A Better Butt

Leg Press For Glutes To Get A Better Butt

The size of a person’s butt has always been the talk of the town for ages, and even more so these days. Everyone wants to have a perfectly shaped butt but don’t realize the hard work that goes into it. Plastic surgery isn’t the best way when there is the pure dedication you can show by working out on your glutes and seeing good results!

It is entirely possible to shape your butt muscles to the best of their capacity with the help of leg press exercises. This is one of the public favorites and shows promising results if done right.

If you’re trying to understand how to use leg press for glutes to get a better butt, this blog is for you. Let’s waste no time and jump into it!

Do Leg Presses Make Your Butt Better?

Leg press machines are a kind of workout that specifically targets your glutes, the muscles that construct your butt. When these muscles are not put to use, they result in saggy, misshapen or skinny muscles. 

This can be fixed by including leg press exercises on your leg day to focus solely on the gluteus and help is become firm with a better shape. To make it work in the best way for you, the ideal leg press workout includes 3-5 sets of the exercise with each set having reps between 6-12 counts. This way, you can challenge the muscles and they work to recover stronger.

How Does This Work?

Equipment Used

Leg press exercises are don’t using a leg press machine and target muscles that you don’t use too actively in your daily life. There are different kinds of leg press machines for sale in the market and each of them offers a different result.

While one machine may need you to lie down, the other may need you to sit upright. No matter what the position, their job is to make the glutes the primary focus of the workout, and hence you can choose the machine you’re most comfortable using.

Your options at the gym are:

  • The Cybex Squat Press
  • The Inclined/Vertical Leg Press
  • The Ntaifitness Horizontal Leg Press

All these equipment make you extend your hips, pushing your legs farther away from the body to straighten and your ankles to plantarflex while moving the sled away from your torso.

In case you can’t access a gym, you can adopt to practicing barbell squats as the barbells carrying the apt weights will train your glutes to get similar results.

Muscles Targeted

If you’re wondering which muscles are put to the test during leg press, here is a list of the muscles activated during this exercise. This means you would be primarily using these sets of muscles to push or lift weights.

  • Quadriceps: Muscles located on the thigh.
  • Glutes: The muscles that form your butt.
  • Hamstring: The muscles that run from your sitting bone to the back portion of the thigh and lower leg bones.
  • Adductors: Your inner thigh muscles.

How To Go About Leg Press Exercises

To get the best results out of an exercise, one must know how to do it right. Any amount of leg presses will turn out useless and even detrimental to your health if you don’t follow the proper technique. To avoid injury while giving your butt the best glow up, follow the instructions below:

Plant your feet on the board according to the foot positioning you’re comfortable with. Now exhale and push the sled away from your body till your knees are straight, yet soft. Never lock them out as it can be dangerous. Once your legs are fully extended, bring the sled back with slow controlled movement to your torso and you inhale.

Continue the reps with slow movements to feel the burn in your muscles as you keep your lower back planted to the base and muscles engaged.

Variations In Leg Press

Your feet can be positioned differently as per your comfort on the leg press machine; here are some of the variations:

  1. Standard Stance: Best for beginners, you place your feet shoulder-width apart on the seated machine.
  2. Sumo Stance: Feet planted wide with toes pointing outwards on the platform.
  3. Duck Stance: Position your feet in a way that forms a “V” moving outside the heels to target the hamstrings and glutes.
  4. Narrow Stance High Platform: Bring your feet together and place them on the highest part of the platform to engage muscles at the back of your legs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.
  5. Narrow Stance Low Platform: Bring your feet together to place them on the lowest part of the platform to engage muscles on the back of your leg.
  6. ingle Leg Press Variation: Using one foot to push the weight using the heel while keeping the other foot ready in case the weight is too much for one leg. This strengthens the lower muscles.

What Not To Do

Once you know how leg press exercises work and how to go about it, there is also a list of things you should avoid doing.

  1. Don’t jump to using heavy weights before warming up with lighter weights.
  2. Keep your knees flexible and never lock them into position when upright.
  3. Never shift or sit in a position different from the one the machine is meant for. It could lead to you injuring yourself.
  4. Press in a way that your lower back and butt stay aligned and planted on the seat. If they’re coming off the base into the air you’re probably overdoing the weights.


Doing leg presses alone may not give you the results you want, but will let you have the perfect butt if it is accompanied by other exercises and a healthy diet routine. The key to seeing a significant change is to stay consistent and bring enough variation between time periods so that your glutes are challenged every time.

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