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Leg Extension / Leg Curl For Sale, Buy Leg Extension / Leg Curl Online

The Ntaifitness Leg Extension / Prone Leg Curl Combo Machine aeroEX-6000 is the best leg extension leg curl machine workout machine. All our designs are according to the human exercise physiology principle designed for complete accord with human body muscle. As we all know, quality is the best point for a gym. We use our honesty to get a high reputation and long terms customers.

The Ntaifitness Lying Prone Leg Curl - Extension Machine demonstrates the use of higher-level technology, with an ergonomic design that provides for the correct body position. The leg pad is oversized for ultimate comfort and accommodates all user heights and all exercises.

The Leg Extension has been biomechanically engineered to provide you with the most precise points so that you can get the most out of every rep you perform. You also get hold down grips to keep your upper body in place while you are exercising.

Leg extensions have a number of benefits including strengthening the ligaments and muscles around the quads including the patellar ligament. Leg curls isolate your hamstring muscles unlike any other exercises allowing you to strengthen both the knee and hip joint in unison.

Leg curls ensure a complete balance between the front and back of your leg. This balance is important in aesthetics but primarily for injury prevention. Working only on one side of these joints without equal attention can lead to muscle imbalances and injury.

Buy leg extension leg curl combo machine Online. aeroEX-6000 Leg Extension/Leg Curl is a dual-function leg machine designed with convenient, easy-to-adjust ankle pad and shin pad adjustment from the seated position.

The below-the-knee shin pad design facilitates proper leg curl form. Users can easily engage the add-on weight with a simple push of a lever to increase the workload.

  • All the adjustments on this unit allow the user to clear the path for easy entry and exit.
  • The start position and roller pads easily adjust from the seated position making it easier for the user to get in and fit the unit to their needs once seated.
  • The counter-balanced movement arms create a proper motion path and low starting lift weight.
  • Can accommodate Olympic or regular-sized weights
  • The machine is stable throughout all exercises
  • Back pad ratchets forward for easy adjustment from the seated position

Ntaifitness gym equipment carries an array of leg extension and leg curl machines include plate-loaded dual function machines, weight stack leg curl and leg extension machines as well as benches and bench attachments to work the always-important quads and hamstrings.