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Are you looking for a new or used Lat Machine? Lat Pull Down ROCKBOYE-1007 Exercise Machine is the best Pull Down Machine Gym workout machines.

Keep fit with this safe and easy to use fitness equipment. This is an innovative lat pulldown equipment built with high-quality materials for durability and your safety.

Its simple and portable design makes this muscle development equipment a perfect addition to your gym – be it a private or public gym house. We offer you this best quality fitness equipment at an affordable price.

The Lat Machine, like the rest of Ntaifitness line up, is full commercial-quality.

Backed by an extensive warranty, the Diverging Lat Pulldown is an ideal option for outfitting any weight room, recreation center, apartment complex or professional gym.

All our designs are according to human exercise physiology principle designed for complete accord with human body muscle.

As we all know, quality is the best point for a gym. We use our honesty to get a high reputation and long terms customers.

Independent diverging movement for a natural-feeling downward pulling motion and specifically strengthen chest muscles.

ROCKBOYE  enhances the style of a premium wellness environment and encourages users to move naturally, inspired by its non-intimidating, frameless geometry and driven by its motivating digital content.

Lat Machine Price

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Product Features

  • Pin loaded fitness equipment/gym equipment
  • Conveniently located and easy to read exercise placards offer a quick reference to targeted muscle groups and proper machine use. Placards also offer color references to easily identify muscle-group categories.
  • Professional design from famous brand
  • Action Specific Grips provide greater comfort and improved grip strength
  • Independent diverging arm movements provide a natural path of motion and increased exercise variety
  • Incremental weights are easily accessible from the seated position. Numeric selection allows users easy reference for future use.
  • Simple structure, easy assemble and more durable stability
  • Thigh pads and seat easily adjust to provide stability, comfort and improved ergonomics
  • Make the body cooperate with the machine very well
  • Angled seat encourages proper user position
  • Independent converging and diverging motions on select units produce a natural resistance training movement for a superior feel.


Technical Specifications
Overall "static" dimensions (L x W x H)152 x 161 x 195 cm / 59.6" x 63.1" x 76.7"
Overall "in-use" dimensions (L x W x H)152 x 161 x 195 cm / 59.6" x 63.1" x 76.7"
Machine Weight382 kg / 842 lbs
Shipping weight429 kg / 946 lbs
Total stack weight108 kg / 240 lbs
Max Training Weight111.4 kg / 247.5 lbs
Incremental weight system1.1, 2.3, 3.4 kg / 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs
Consistent 53” stack heightYes
Weight stack guardingFull front and rear shields
Color coded pivots & points of adjustmentYes
Integrated leveling systemYes, top-down leveler
Machine anchoringIndependent machine hold down brackets
Front placardsMuscle call outs, exercise specific stretching, start & finish exercise illustrations, proper machine adjustments, color-coded machine identification
Personal storageTwo tactile storage mats, personal device cradle and towel hook
User adjustment range7 position thigh pad; 7 position seat
Machine assisted user adjustmentsSpring assisted seat
Contoured seatYes
Cable transmissionInternally lubricated cables & fittings
Frame finishProprietary two-coat powder process
Available frame colorsIced Silver, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Lace White, Polarized Titanium

Important: The Lat Machine is a built-to-order product and may require a 3-6 week lead time. The Diverging Lat Pulldown shown above uses a custom color configuration. Manufactured in China.

*This product is designed solely for use in commercial fitness settings.*

Commercial Warranty Details

  • 10 Years: Frame
  • 1 Year: Rotary bearings, weight stacks, pulleys, guide rods, and structural moving parts
  • 1 Year: Cable, linear bearings, springs
  • 90 Days: Upholstery stitching and items not specified
  • Labour: 1 Year