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Plate Loaded Incline Press Machine for Sale

Incline Press Machine HOLYLAND-8009 is the best Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press Machine.

Incline Chest Press Machine Plate Loaded uses horizontal grips to simulate a more traditional bench press, converging movements for a natural forward pressing motion, and iso-lateral movements for equal strength development.

The Ntaifitness Incline Press Machines Strong workout for the upper and middle part of the chest.

Smooth independent arm movement gives you the feel of free weights with the added safety of a machine.

The user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm.

Cross Pivot Technology creates a smooth and natural motion path for users creating a comfortable and stable workout experience.

Ntaifitness Plate-Loaded enhances any facility and utilizes independent converging and diverging movements for an instinctively natural experience.

And also provides an exceptional range of motion both arms can be used together or independently.

The Ntaifitness Plate Loaded Incline press accommodates users of almost any size and its superior design meets the needs of advanced users, without intimidating others.

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Ntaifitness Plate Loaded strength training weight machine combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to accommodate users of any fitness level or experience.

  • Do you have special demands?
  • Do you have your own vision of what the machine should look like?
  • Would you like to change the color or the upholstery?

No problem! We will paint the plate-loaded machine for you in the color of your choice.

The upholstery will be tailor-made in your chosen style, too.

Your gym is going to be unique!

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Shop for Commercial Grade Plate loaded Gym Equipment includes, Abdominal Crunch, Seated Row, Tricep Extension, Prone Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Lat Pulldown, Incline Press, Extreme Row, Chest Press, and More.

Product Features

  • Independently moving arms improves strength training balance
  • You can increase the load by adding plates onto the bars designed for it.
  • The sturdy design allows for training with a heavy load.
  • The arms are worked separately, which gives a wide range of possibilities for training
  • Adjustable seat height fits a variety of users
  • Marine-grade double-stitched upholstery
  • Spring-lock release knobs make for easy seat height adjustment
  • Weight horns for ample plate storage
  • Strengthens pectoralis major, front deltoid, and triceps