How to Perform Barbell Hack Squats for Building Your Legs

How to Perform Barbell Hack Squats for Building Your Legs

There was a time when gyms around the country didn’t have machines in them. There were no cycles, no slides, and no decks. It was a time when people built real muscles quickly using barbells and other manual methods.

This Retro Move Is a Classic

It was also a time when the hack squat with barbell exercise was developed to create massive quad gains.

The truth is that these days, there are too many people who want quick gains when it comes to fitness and muscle building.

It makes sense because today's society is fast-paced and lots of people just don’t have the time to spend in gyms all week. They want to be able to get the gains they want without all of the extra efforts.

Of course, those in the know also understand that these kinds of gains don’t just happen magically. The Leg Press Hack Squat Machine with a barbell is a classic free weight move that has long since fallen out of favor.  Ntaifitness offers leg press machines at the best prices online.

Part of this is because people just want things to be easy and they’re addicted to machines. But, it’s also because using barbells in the gym just isn’t considered very sexy.

The thing is this: if you want huge quad gains fast, going back to the past and digging out the old hack squat is a good move.

How to Do the Hack Squat

So, how do you do the hack squat barbell move? Here’s how to get those gains fast:

  • Loading up: The first thing to do is to load up your barbell and place it on the floor. Once you’ve done this, step over it so that the bar is behind you, right next to your calves.
  • Get ready: It’s important to approach the hack squat in the right position and frame of mind. Plant your feet at shoulder width from each other and then drop yourself into a nice squat. From here you’re ready to go.
  • Grab the bar: With your arms straight out behind you and extended with the palms facing back, grab the bar firmly at a position just outside of your legs. If you’ve done deadlifts before, this position will be familiar to you. Make sure you lock your thumbs around the bar and grip strongly.
  • Go: Before you lift the barbell, make sure you take a few deep breaths and prepare yourself mentally. Once you’re ready, hold your breath and drive hard into your heels until you’re standing up tall. It’s important that you extend the knees and the hips at the same time. Once you’re standing up, you can let out your breath. The barbell should now be right under your glutes.
  • Back down again: When you’ve held the standing pose for a few moments, you can take another deep breath and reverse the entire exercise until the barbell is on the ground.

If you’ve never done this kind of exercise before, you can start with a power rack instead. This will get you used to the motion of the exercise and start you out easy before you move onto the barbell itself.

A Classic Never Dies

Thanks to George Hackenschmidt, we can all enjoy the hack squat today. The hack squat barbell exercise has a long history, and even though it has fallen out of favor, it’s a move that will breathe new life into your gym routines and build massive quads in no time at all.

Just imagine impressing your gym buddies with this retro move and getting the gains you really want while they struggle through on modern machines!