Chin/Dip/Leg Raise

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Hammer Strength Chin/Dip/Leg Raise For Sale, Buy Chin/Dip/Leg Raise Online

The Hammer Strength Chin/Dip/Leg Raise is a three-in-one, space-saving piece of home exercise equipment.

3 exercises in a compact, space-efficient design Ergonomically positioned pull-up handles to provide wide grip and close grip pull-up options.

The comprehensive freestanding machine targets a variety of major muscle groups.

Ntaifitness ONEUP-3097 leg raise machine exercise machine develops and tones arms, shoulders, back, and core strength.

ALL-IN-ONE equipment includes integrated knee raise station, Lat pull-up/chin-up station, push-up station, and dip station.

You can perform Chin-ups/Pull-Ups, Dips, Leg Raises, and even Elevated Push-Ups.

This leg raise machine station is designed to provide an intense ab workout while eliminating strain on the lower back. Use it to perform knee raises, leg raises, and oblique bends.

Use the dip station to lower and raise your body weight to strengthen the delts, shoulders, and triceps.

Dipping is a great exercise for the chest and triceps, ideally with a weight attached via a dipping belt.

Chinning is one of the best back exercises and leg/knee raises are the perfect way to hit abs.

With the Ntaifitness strength equipment Heavy-duty freestanding chinning /dipping/leg raise unit, you’ll take your workouts to the next level thanks to the multiple grips and exercise possibilities.

  • The lat pull-up/chin-up station features easy step-up entry
  • The vertical knee raises chin-up push-up dip machine uses gravity and your own bodyweight to help you develop and tone your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction A heavy-gauge steel mainframe with four-sided welded construction allows this dip and pull-up station to stand up to years of intense workouts in the home.
  • Offering great versatility in a space-efficient package, this fitness station is equipped with a lat pull-up/chin-up station, a dip station, and a push-up station for total-body strengthening and muscle building.

Main Features

  • Strengthen arms, shoulders, back, and core.
  • Professional design
  • High-quality steel tube Q235 with 80*50*3mm
  • Pretty welding
  • Durable frame for solid support
  • Super quality PU leather
  • Freestanding design
  • The pull-up bar offers both bar and neutral grips for individual preference.
  • Excellent electrostatic powder coating with a good adhesive force
  • Make the body to cooperate with the machine very well
  • Developing the body, improving body shape
  • Heavy-gauge steel mainframe with four-sided welded construction
  • Slightly reclined position and angled elbow rest provide a secure position.
  • Step-up for easy entry and exit.