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How to Keep Garage Gym Cool in Summer?

Learn about how Ntaifitness gym fans can help you be more comfortable and save money.


People go to the gym knowing they' ll work up a sweat. But all that body heat and sweat can create discomfort.

Every CrossFit gym needs to move air. View our range of floor fans below. We have both domestic and commercial floor fans, with stylish models and high-performance large scale commercial models.

Floor fans are extremely versatile as they can easily be moved around and directed towards the area which requires cooling.

Ntaifitness fans keep fitness center patrons cool and comfortable for a better workout experience.

The fans provide a holistic evaporative cooling system, boosting workout performance and member satisfaction.

Ntaifitness Gym Fans silently, gently and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout the space while providing an additional cooling effect with elevated air movement.

Heating and cooling your garage is definitely a luxury, but if you can squeeze it into your budget. Everyone knows gyms can get hot and crowded, but getting overheated during a workout is miserable, so keeping the gym cool and comfortable for patrons is vital.

Even if a fitness center has an HVAC system, the large spaces, high ceilings, and hard-working crowds can be pretty taxing to cool, especially during summer.

The Ntaifitness fan can be used alone or as a supplement to your HVAC system to make patrons more comfortable through a cool, revitalizing breeze.

In cold seasons, the fans can destratify the air to keep your clients warm. No matter the temperature outside, your space will feel wonderful inside so clients can perform at their highest level.

Crossfit Gym Fans Features


The hotter it gets, the less productive you are – studies show productivity begins to decrease by about 1 percent for every degree the temperature rises above 77°F. *Besides being bad for the bottom line, heat stress can take a heavy human toll. Symptoms of heat stress range from rash and dizziness to fainting and death.

In 2006 alone, there were 3,100 reports of heat illness so serious it resulted in days away from work, according to the U.S. Office of Compliance. In the same year, 44 heat-related occupational fatalities were reported.

That’s why maintaining thermal comfort in these conditions is important. Nothing improves thermal comfort better than air movement.

While air movement does not lower the actual temperature, it creates a wind-chill effect as the breeze passes over the skin that can make us feel up to 10°F (6°C) cooler.


fans have other benefits besides cooling: “I need the fan to dry my sweat. I get so sweaty that I can't hold onto equipment. When it’s inhibiting my training, that’s when I've got to have a fan.”

Comfort in fitness centers is as important as the equipment itself. This includes proper ventilation, control of indoor air quality, diffusion of chloramines and HVAC effectiveness.

significantly improves members'overall comfort.
Your heating budget will get a much less strenuous workout, declining by up to 30 percent.


The Big Ass Fan is great for keeping everyone cool without breaking our budget
That’s obvious. Americans spend up to 70 percent of their summer electricity bills on air conditioning. All that juice adds up to $11 billion a year in the residential sector alone, according to the U.S.

Department of Energy. That's more than the yearly operating budget of about a dozen states.

And in the commercial sector, space cooling accounts for anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of energy use, depending on the type of business.


Fans improve the efficiency and effectiveness of air conditioning in several ways. For starters, generating a few degrees of cooling from an energy-efficient fan will allow you to raise your thermostat setpoint a few degrees and stay just as comfortable.

For every degree you raise your thermostat, you can save 3 to 6 percent on cooling costs.

Additionally, the temperature isn't the same everywhere in any building – it’s colder by the vent, it’s hotter by a large window, and so forth.

Fans mix the air creating complete uniformity, allowing the thermostat to read the actual temperature in the space, not just the temperature by the thermostat.

It is very common for gyms to need extra air circulation and cooling. Many gyms will utilize either wall or pedestal fans to provide them with these requirements.

Gym fans often need to be left on for long periods of time and need to provide large amounts of air circulation for large areas.

Because of these needs, commercial-grade and industrial grade fans are recommended.

To select a gym fan, some of the important things to think about include:

  • Placement – Wall mount to save on floor space, Pedestal for ease of relocation
  • Area Size – Calculating the air delivery required
  • Noise – Is noise a factor? Usually in a gym situation, because the equipment is generally noisy as well as having lots of active people about, noise isn't a big factor, however, if you have rooms for pilates and/or yoga, perhaps noise would be an issue here.

Therefore there is a range of commercial and semi-commercial fans available to suit each application.

Most of our fans will have a dB rating to give you an idea of the noise that can be expected, however, in general, all commercial fans with high air delivery come with an element of noise.

Advantages of Each Type of Fan

  • Commercial Wall Fans: Commercial wall fans are a popular choice for gym applications as they keep the floor space free.  They attach to the wall via a wall bracket and the majority of wall fans offer oscillation functionality to be able to spread the circulation. We have a range of commercial wall fans in a variety of sizes to suit your application. View our range of Commercial Wall Fans here.
  • Commercial Pedestal Fans: Commercial pedestal fans are a great choice for commercial applications that need the flexibility of location. Pedestal fans are an excellent product for ease of moving around. They are durable and work with continuous use. View our range of Commercial Pedestal Fans here.
  • Commercial Floor Fans: Commercial floor fans are as well flexible for being of use in one or several locations. They sit on the floor and can be easily moved for convenience and/or storage. View our range of Commercial Floor Fans here.

Buy Best Fan for Garage Gym, Build Your Perfect Home Gym

Looking To Get A Fan For Your Home Gym? View our range of commercial floor fans suitable for many commercial applications such as warehouses, factories, gyms, and other commercial and industrial zones.

This range of floor fan products are made for continuous use and have exceptional air movement required of large commercial spaces.

They project the air movement upwards and out, many with tilt functionality.

They are portable enough to be able to move them between rooms, and storage if necessary while providing powerful air delivery.


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2150*750*2125 mm
Max Speeds200t (min)
Wind Speed Rane7m/s-0.9m/s
Motor Power0.75KW
Inner Power220V
Sound Level43Dba
Protection LevelsIP55
Packaging Size2000*780*2000 mm