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Looking for Gym Equipment Storage Racks? Shop Ntaifitness Multi-Purpose Fitness Equipment Storage Rack for bumper plates, olympic barbells, kettlebells, drawers, plyoboxes, bands, rip trainers, dumbbells, slam balls, & medicine balls.
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Gym Equipment Storage Racks for Sale


Ntaifitness Mass Storage Rack System, One of the best ways to store bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, or medicine balls.

Efficient storage solutions are pertinent. Ntaifitness Crossfit Storage Opens Up Space while Protecting the Gym Equipment.

Create the ultimate training space. Today's exercise environments come in all sizes and styles but share a common goal—maximize space efficiency and exercise functionality. Ntaifitness Storage racks keeps your workout area neat and clean.

Maximize floor space with the best in storage solutions and training features into one system!

With more and more fitness tools needed to accommodate the latest for clients and offer group functional fitness, the need for ideal solutions in storing medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, bands, stability balls, bumper plates, etc. becomes a helper to keep the floor clean and organized.

Ntaifitness Mass Storage Rack Systems are the building blocks for any fitness facility. Perfect for group studios, functional training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organization in the gym.

The Ntaifitness Fitness Equipment Storage Racks and Solution takes the features of a perfected storage system and merges it with endless training possibilities. Ntaifitness Mass Storage System is full customizable to fit all of your facility and functional fitness needs.

Ntaifitness Mass Storage Systems and Space Saving Racks are built to handle the most punishable CrossFit environment, gives you four Olympic stations, Functional Training and Storage for all of your weight plates and accessories.

This highly customizable Suspension Training anchoring and storage system maximizes space efficiency and exercise functionality, while emphasizing design and function to suit the needs of each unique member, space and activity.

Shop Ntaifitness large selection of plate storage racks and accessories, from our 2 and 3-Tier Mass Storage to individual plate trees and storage posts. Buy For CrossFit Affiliates.

Ntaifitness manufactures a wide variety of FREESTANDING STORAGE and functional training cross fit rigs cross fit cage.

Product range includes wall mounted cross fit rigs, storage racks, posts, holders, and trees for all of your gym's plates, barbells, dumbbells, accessories and more.

Customize your Gym Accessory Racks and Storage for medicine ball and bumper plate storage, Storage for CrossFit Gyms, High School & College Gyms, & Garage Gym.

We offer rigs, racks, bands, balls, and high intensity interval equipment. We can also assist you with Functional Fitness Design. Buy Mass Storage CrossFit Gym Equipment.

Contact our Functional Design Specialists today for pricing or a complimentary catologue.


  • Perfect for saving floor space with placement flush along a wall
  • Customize with different storage trays, top mount pull-up bar options, training features, accessory anchors, and storage pegs
  • Bolt-in design for extra stability, space trays apart as needed, choose style to fit accessories, and interchange later if desired
  • Modular design to connect together for multiple bays