Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

Shop for Ntaifitness quality range of dumbbell sets to suit your own gym. Ntaifitness Hex Dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 5LB up to 110LB. Sets include pairs of Rubber Hex Dumbbells increasing in 5 lb. Shop them and our full selection of dumbbells and dumbbell sets today!
US $265.00 US $181.50

Commercial Gym Equipment Packages for Sale

With decades of experience in helping people open their gym, NtaiFitness always create custom commercial gym equipment packages that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each new gym owner.

The following are some of our most popular sample gym equipment packages.

Shop all exercise equipment, including ellipticals, exercise bikesmulti gyms, rowers, treadmills, and more.

There are pieces of equipment that are a great fit for small, mid-sized & large start-up gyms.

Take a look & see if one of these will meet your needs, take advantage of our heavily discounted gym packages pricing!

These sample commercial gym packages are a great place for you to start because they give you an idea of what works in a small, mid-size and large-size gym. You can adapt this to your room so that your new gym is a special place to train and get fit.

Customize Gym Equipment Packages

All our discounted Gym Equipment Packages are custom-made-to-order, specifically to meet the needs of each of our new gym owners.

Whether you are looking to outfit a complete fitness center or just to add a few treadmills or strength equipment pieces at a great price to your gym, you can trust Ntaifitness® to give you honest answers, personal attention, and cheap gym equipment.

Buy low price Complete Gym Equipment and Full Gym Equipment from Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturers and Save. Contact Ntaifitness® to get the best gym equipment price.

Join us and achieve your goal!

Our Complete Gym Equipment Package is Customizable

Open Your Gym, and If you have a specific blend of fitness equipment in mind, let’s talk and we can design a custom gym equipment Package that is a perfect fit.

Don’t worry, we can still take advantage of volume discount purchasing and save you a bunch through our connections with fitness equipment manufacturers that we have developed over our thirty plus years in the industry.

The Ntaifitness Commercial Gym Equipment featured on NtaiFitness is the absolute best equipment on the market today.

Our State-of-the-Art equipment is made to meet the demands of fitness experts who expect the very best performing equipment. Only the best equipment goes into our gym equipment packages.

For the new gym owner, the Impact Fitness Ntaifitness Series equipment has modern styling. Styling that sets the gym apart from what is seen in everyday gyms. This is very important to the gym owner.

The first impression that a prospective new member gets when they first enter a gym often determines whether or not they decide to join.

Commonly found equipment brands make the statement that the gym is the same as every other gym in the area. State-of-the-Art equipment tells the prospective member that they have entered someplace special that they’d like to show to their trainer.

Maybe even to find a personal trainer to show them this great new gym. This initial impression can make a huge impact on their decision on which gym to join.

Having the best, modern equipment also lets your existing members know that they belong to a first-class gym. A gym where the owner is enthusiastic about fitness and the gym. It shows that you, the owner, care enough about the gym to use only the best equipment for your members to train with.

Our equipment sends this signal strength and promotes a rich environment of enthusiastic, energetic members who are confident that they are working out on equipment that is superior to the same old equipment found in so many other gyms.

Our equipment helps you not only to get new members but to retain the members that you already have! This is an essential element to the long-term success of any gym.

We're аll conscious thаt purchаsing commerciаl gym equipment, regаrdless of whether to completely stock а fitness center or to leаding up present fitness аnd fаt mаchines, is а costly undertаking. For just аbout аny fitness center proprietor it likely probаbly the funds intensive undertаking they undertаke.

Thаt's why it's importаnt thаt you just purchаse high quаlity. But with а greаt deаl of compаnies offering supposed high quаlity how cаn you reаlize whаt it's you need to be looking for?  ( Read more, Buy Gym Equipment Online From Ntaifitness at Competitive Prices

We also have experience in managing gyms and health clubs for many years. So, because of our great experience, we know better about the basic and essential features of the gym instruments.

That’s why we designed high-quality gym instruments like functional trainers, chest machineselliptical cross trainer types of equipment.

All of the commercial gym equipment manufactured by the company is supervised by the chief engineer and the designer. It ensures that the products produced within the assembly and fabrication lines of the business are flawless and free from manufacturing faults.

The designing, fabrication and engineering teams of the company comprised of individuals that have been in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. The company has been successful in establishing business relationships with big players in the fitness industry hailing from more than 60 countries.

Complete Commercial Gym Equipment Packages

Small Gym Equipment Packages

Looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety, and function. Now you can “Start Small and Still Have it All” with our Ntaifitness Small Start-Up Gym Package! Featuring the BEST in commercial gym quality strength equipment.

With Ntaifitness Quality Gym Equipment, your new gym will have a modern look and superior functioning equipment.

This helps your members get the most enjoyment and performance from their workout. With weight stack stations, free weight equipment, and a varied mix of cardio machines, our Ntaifitness Small Start-Up Gym Package has all that you need for personal training, home gyms or a smaller club environment.

This Commercial Gym Setup Consists of the Following New Commercial Equipment:

aeroEX-6071aeroEXFive Stack Jungle Gym$2550.001$2550.00
aeroEX-6018aeroEXMulti Hip$550.001$550.00
aeroEX-6062aeroEXSmith Machine$850.001$850.00
aeroEX-6053aeroEXSuper Bench Adjustable Utility Bench$250.001$250.00
aeroEX-6060aeroEXOlympic Flat Bench$300.001$300.00
aeroEX-6048aeroEXAdjustable Abdominal Bench$300.001$210.00
aeroEX-6010aeroEX45 Degree Bicep Curls$450.001$450.00
Superfit-5040aeroHomeCommercial Treadmill$1150.002$2300.00
Superfit-7004aeroHomeElliptical Cross Trainer$1200.002$1400.00
Superfit-3007aeroHomeRecumbent Exercise Bikes$920.001$600.00

Contact us to customize this package for your specific gym.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Packages – Mid-Sized Package

For those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety, and function. Ntaifitness Gym Equipment strength line is precision-engineered to offer the utmost in high-end design and function for Ntaifitness gyms.

Features such as large 2 x 4 11 gauge oval steel tubing frames, clear and concise instructional placards, converging and diverging axis planes, fully enclosed weight stack shrouds with 16 gauge steel rear panels, flanged steel end caps on handles to prevent the user’s hands from slipping during the exercise and more make the Ntaifitness Gym Machine the #1 choice for exercisers and owners alike.

OCCUPIED-9047OCCUPIEDAdjustable Cable Crossover$880.001$880.00
OCCUPIED-9044OCCUPIEDChest Press$590.001$590.00
OCCUPIED-9039OCCUPIEDShoulder Press$580.001$580.00
OCCUPIED-9010OCCUPIEDPec Deck$590.001$590.00
OCCUPIED-9009OCCUPIEDBicep Curl$590.001$590.00
OCCUPIED-9048OCCUPIEDTricep Extension$590.001$590.00
OCCUPIED-9016OCCUPIEDLat Pull Down$580.001$580.00
OCCUPIED-9036OCCUPIEDAbdominal Crunch/Low Back$580.001$580.00
OCCUPIED-9037aeroHomeLeg Press$980.001$980.00
OCCUPIED-9042aeroHomeLeg Extension$590.001$590.00
OCCUPIED-9034aeroHomeStanding Calf Raises$595.001$595.00
Superfit-5050aeroHomeCommercial Treadmills$999.005$4995.00

Ntaifitness Gym Equipment turns any gym into a beautiful showroom of biomechanically sound strength equipment!

Full Commercial Gym Package – Large Package

For those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety, and function.

Ntaifitness Fitness Equipment’s strength line and commercial cardio gym packages line is engineered to offer the utmost in high-end design and function. Ideally suited for Ntaifitness gyms and fitness centers where nothing but the best will do.

This equipment is built to accommodate various user sizes, (including larger individuals), and is structurally sound. The equipment is aesthetically appealing and functionally accurate.

Featuring the same high-end placard, axis planes, weight stack shrouds as our mid-sized package above.

All using high-quality materials and parts. Finished with the elegant look and durability of the Ntaifitness Equipment All that turns any gym into a State-of-the-Art showcase of ergonomically and biomechanically sound gym equipment.

Superfit 5030aeroHomeCommercial Treadmills$1450.0010$14500.00
Superfit-7001aeroHomeCommercial Ellipticals & Cross-Trainers$1200.008$9600.00
Superfit-3007aeroHomeRecumbent Exercise Bikes$920.003$2760.00
Superfit-3008aeroHomeUpright Exercise Bike$724.003$2172.00
Superfit-5060aeroHomeSelf-generated Treadmill$1399.008$11192.00
Superfit-9003aeroHomeRowing Machine$640.002$1280.00
ROCKBOYE-1001ROCKBOYEChest Press Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1002ROCKBOYESeated Shoulder Press Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1003ROCKBOYEOlympic Flat Bench$285.001$285.00
ROCKBOYE-1004ROCKBOYEOlympic Incline Bench$300.001$300.00
ROCKBOYE-9009ROCKBOYEBicep Curl$590.001$590.00
ROCKBOYE-1005ROCKBOYEPec Deck Fly Machine$550.001$550.00
ROCKBOYE-1006ROCKBOYEFlat Bench Press$120.001$120.00
ROCKBOYE-1007ROCKBOYELat Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1008ROCKBOYEBicep Tricep Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1023ROCKBOYECable Crossover Machine$1380.001$1380.00
ROCKBOYE-1025ROCKBOYESmith Machine$980.001$980.00
ROCKBOYE-1010ROCKBOYESeated Row Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1011ROCKBOYEScott Bench$245.001$245.00
ROCKBOYE-1012ROCKBOYEAssisted Pull-Up Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1015ROCKBOYESeated Leg Exercise Machines$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1014ROCKBOYEHorizontal Leg Curl$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1013ROCKBOYECrunch Bench$245.001$245.00
ROCKBOYE-1016ROCKBOYEAdjustable Abdominal Bench$240.001$240.00
ROCKBOYE-1017ROCKBOYEInner Thigh Adductor Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1018ROCKBOYESeated Machine Leg Extensions$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1019ROCKBOYEInner/Outer Thigh$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1021ROCKBOYEThigh Abductor Machine$800.001$800.00
ROCKBOYE-1020ROCKBOYELeg Extension$1100.001$1100.00
ROCKBOYE-1022ROCKBOYEBack Extension Exercise Machine$1100.001$1100.00
ROCKBOYE-1009ROCKBOYETricep Press Machine$1100.001$1100.00

From full gyms to individual machines, our customers have found us to have high-quality machines at a competitive price. We offer great value on all of our fitness equipment, home gym equipment, parts, and accessories.

NtaiFitness can help you with your purchase and service of wholesale fitness equipment. Contact us today for more information!