Gym Equipment Names Pictures Prices - Full Body Strength Workout

18 Full-body Strength Gym Equipment Names & Pictures & Prices

The 18 Full-body strength gym equipment names list is designed so that you can focus on individual muscle groups with isolation exercises, depending on your training goal. You can use our 18 strength gym equipment names and prices to train all the important muscle groups in your body. Muscle groups can be differentiated based on their function.

Whether you want to improve your strength, power, or stamina, or gain the muscles, figure, or overall physique you’ve always wanted – Ntaifitness gym equipment for sale put every goal within reach. It’s easier than ever before to get the results you want.

This is good all gym equipment price list, these strength training gym equipment images and pictures names and uses have some awesome features that make them ideal for your perfect full-body workout.

So, here are Ntaifitness 18 Gym Equipment Names Pictures Prices for Full-body Strength:

Gym Equipment NamePrice (New)
1.Abdominal crunch machine$640.00
2. Back extension machine$640.00
3. Seated row machine$640.00
4. Lat pulldown machine$640.00
5. Rotary torso machine$640.00
6. Reverse fly machine$640.00
7. Chest press machine$640.00
8. Butterfly machine$640.00
9.Bicep curl machine$640.00
10.Shoulder press machine$640.00
11.Triceps press machine$640.00
12.Calf press machine$640.00
13.Leg extension machine$640.00
14.Leg curl machine$640.00
15.Glute machine$640.00
16.Leg press machine$1,280.00
17. Abductor machine$668.00
18. Adductor machine$640.00

1.Abdominal crunch machine

Abdominal crunch machine


Link:Abdominal Crunch Machine

The abdominal muscles consist of four abdominal muscle groups, the rectus abdominis muscle, the external and internal oblique abdominal muscles, and the transverse abdominal muscle. The desirable flat stomach is mainly the product of a properly trained rectus abdominal muscle.

What muscles does the ab crunch machine work?
Primary musclesAnterior abdominal muscles
Secondary musclesLateral abdominal muscles, anterior hip muscles

You use the ab trainer to primarily train your front abdominal muscles, focusing on the rectus abdominis muscle. The front abdominal muscles are responsible for bending the trunk and are part of the muscular core of your body. These muscles stabilize your body in various positions and movements.

Strong abdominal muscles take the pressure off your spine and, combined with back muscles, are important for healthy posture.

There are many ways to train your abdominal muscles. Aside from bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups or crunches, there is an overwhelming variety of different ab training equipment, ranging from ab roller scooters and wheels to crunch aids and sit-up benches, all of which only offer limited functionality or effectiveness.

Training your abs is an absolute must. Real bodybuilders always have an impressive six-pack.

If you have a few extra pounds to lose, targeted Physical fitness training and abdominal exercises are also a great way to shift stubborn abdominal fat. People with back pain need both powerful back and abdominal muscles to stabilize the lower back.

And people who do fitness training simply to stay healthy and maintain energy levels also benefit from well-trained abdominal muscles in everyday life.

The Ntaifitness Abdominal Crunch Machine is the ideal tool to get this muscle in top form.

No matter whether you want to boost fat burning to reduce your abdominal girth, or maximize fatigue of the abdominal muscles to cause hypertrophy, when you train on Ntaifitness’s abdominal training machine you’ll be using training methods developed by sports scientists that are proven to be effective.

2. Back extension machine

Back extension machine


Link:Lower Back Machine

The back trainer, also known as a back extension machine, trains the lower back muscles by providing resistance while guiding and stretching the back. This isolation exercise allows you to specifically mobilize and strengthen the lower back.

What muscles does the Back extension machine work?
Primary musclesGlutes
Secondary musclesHamstrings

Back pain is a common ailment and one of the most frequent reasons for visiting a doctor. The lower back, i.e. the area around the lumbar vertebrae in the spine, is usually the source of the problem, as this part of the back is subjected to the greatest strain.

Regular back-strengthening exercises on a back extension machine at a gym can make a real difference, helping to prevent and alleviate back pain.

Poorly developed back muscles, long periods spent in a seated position, and serious physical strain are all typical reasons why people might develop and experience back problems in the lumbar region.

Back trainers such as this back extension machine can be useful to prevent pain, bad posture, biomechanical stress and wear on the spine.

Back Training, these Exercise Machines Worth Using, check our article here: Best Back Exercises Workout Machines You Must Know

The state-of-the-art back trainer from Ntaifitness provides especially effective back training. This piece of professional equipment is also used in health facilities, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) clinics, as it provides a means to safely and gently strengthen the back in an ergonomic and health-promoting way.

But our back extension machine, despite the name, does more than just train your back: it’s also great for your toning your legs and buttocks.

Alternatively, you can train the lower back muscles using a traditional back extension bench or exercises such as deep knee bends.

But people who are already suffering from back pain, as well as people who are older or overweight, will often find such exercises difficult.

The Ntaifitness back extension machine allows everyone to train these important muscles along the spine in a way that is both ergonomic and orthopedically correct.

In contrast to a lot of other strength training equipment, the Ntaifitness Lower Back Machine also allows for a wide extension of the hips during training.

People who sit a lot in their day-to-day lives will find their hips are almost always in a state of flexion, so it is especially important for them to stretch their hips during training.

3. Seated row machine

Seated Rower Machine


Link:Low Row Machine

The rowing machine primarily trains your upper back and shoulder muscles. The target muscles include in particular the rhomboids, the trapezius, the latissimus dorsi, and the posterior deltoid. Your back and shoulder muscles are responsible for raising your arms and are therefore antagonistic to the chest muscles.

Along with those chest muscles, they also stabilize your shoulder joints. Strengthening these muscles straightens posture and therefore helps to prevent chest and neck problems. Activating important shoulder muscles also helps to keep your shoulders in good shape.

What muscles does the Seated row machine work?
Primary musclesUpper back muscles
Secondary musclesPosterior shoulder muscles, anterior arm muscles

Problems in the shoulder and neck area are a common phenomenon. Poor posture, a lack of muscle activity, long periods spent sitting down, strenuous physical work or even excessive chest training are typical reasons for problems such as tension in the upper back or between the shoulder blades.

Alongside lat pulls, rowing is probably the most useful exercise for the back. You can train your back in various ways, for example on a power tower or multi-press.

The most practical, however, and also the best in terms of being able to train as safely as possible, is rowing on a rowing machine.

A rowing machine is an excellent back training machine, equally effective for beginners, advanced recreational strength trainers, and professional athletes. It is perfect for health-focused strength training for improved fitness, greater mobility, and better posture.

Especially if you have hunched or rounded shoulders, maybe because you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, machine rowing is an absolute must for you. Rowing is considered one of the most effective exercises for preventing or correcting a hunched back.

A seated row machine is also a good choice for bodybuilders looking to build strength, as it offers an intense workout to increase maximum strength and build mass for muscular shoulders and a solid back. Health also plays a role here.

Rowing on a professional rowing machine also helps to compensate for the typical muscular imbalances that are present in many bodybuilders and strength trainers after overtraining their chest with excessive bench press exercises.

The Ntaifitness seated row machine is ideal for strengthening the back and building muscles – in whatever scenario it is used.

The technical and functional specifications of our high-quality gym equipment simplify and improve strength training in all gyms, fitness studios, and professional training centers.

They also support healthy back training that’s gentle on joints, ideal for gently activating and mobilizing muscles in physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) and rehabilitation.

The Ntaifitness Low Row Machine allows you to simultaneously train many different muscle groups and effectively build strength in your upper back and the back of your shoulders.

This professional seated row machine with a chest pad ensures maximum comfort while rowing on the machine with optimal biomechanics.

4. Lat pulldown machine

lat pulldown machine


Link: lat pulldown machine

The lat pull machine is primarily used to train your upper back muscles, i.e. the latissimus dorsi, the lower part of the trapezius, and the rhomboids.

The upper back muscles lower your shoulders and are responsible for pulling the arms downwards and backward, e.g. during pull-ups.

The lat pulldown is an extremely useful exercise for the upper back. This is because a lat pulldown machine trains a multitude of different muscles in the upper back at the same time.

The upper back muscles are involved in many strength exercises, meaning that work on these muscles will also benefit you as you perform other, more demanding exercises – such as deadlifts.

What muscles does the Lat pulldown machine work?
Primary musclesLats
Secondary musclesUpper back muscles, biceps

The lat pulldown machine, sometimes colloquially called a lat pull machine, is one of the most popular exercise machines for the latissimus dorsi muscles, the large and broad back muscles that give this piece of popular gym equipment its name.

The lat pulldown machine is a good exercise for beginners in particular because other strength-building exercises such as pull-ups often require a certain amount of strength from the outset, which beginners don’t usually have when they start.

The weight for the lat pulldown machine can be adjusted to any amount, allowing absolutely anyone to train on it.

Lat pulldowns towards the chest using a Ntaifitness training machine is every bit equal to traditional pull-ups.

Training with the Ntaifitness lat pulldown machine lowers the shoulders and centers the shoulder blades inwards and downwards.

This helps significantly to reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area. Well-defined back muscles combined with a strong chest also help to promote healthy posture.

You can use the lat pulldown machine to build your chest muscles for an attractive masculine V taper with a broad lower back.

The lat pulldown machine can also support weight loss, add definition to your upper back, and reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area.

The Ntaifitness lat pulldown machine takes your lat training to the next level.

5. Rotary torso machine

Rotary torso


Link: Rotary Torso

The rotary torso machine is primarily used to train the side abs (internal and external oblique muscles). The internal and external obliques’ main purpose is to rotate the torso and transfer power from the arms to the legs.

You need to use your arm and abdominal muscles when you train on the torso rotation machine because you hold yourself steady on the handles. This allows you to better train and improves this transfer of force.

Doing this protects the spine in particular from injuries, such as herniated disks and problems caused by overloading.

What muscles does the Rotary torso machine work?
Primary musclesSide abs
Secondary musclesLower back muscles

A torso rotation machine is the perfect piece of gym equipment for an effective workout of the side abs. This machine allows directed training of the target muscles. More than that, the guided exercise makes torso rotation exercises simple and safe for everyone – man, woman, newbie, professional.

In contrast to equipment-free abdominal muscle exercises, it’s also possible to precisely adjust the training load by adjusting the training weight.

However, the benefits you’ll get out of training on a torso rotation machine will depend a lot on the machine you are using. Seated twist machines can be found in various forms, although the type of construction, the machine’s features, and settings available will determine the results.

When you use a high-quality strength training machine with perfect biomechanics and a full range of adjustment options, just like the Ntaifitness rotary torso machine, your abdominal training will be both more effective and better for you.

Torso rotation machines, also known as rotary torso machines, come in various forms that allow you to do the exercise while kneeling or sitting.

The Ntaifitness torso rotation machine is a powerful professional exercise machine designed for gyms and healthcare facilities, enabling an effective abdominal twist exercise in a kneeling position.

It’s a great idea to train the side abs on a torso rotation machine for more than just visual or esthetic reasons.

After all, any advanced fitness and strength training should always take health aspects into account. The internal and external obliques do more than simply moving and rotating the torso.

Working in concert with the back muscles, they also have the important task of stabilizing the spine.

The Rotary Torso from Ntaifitness is designed in such a way that even beginners can perform the exercises correctly. The machine controls the sequence of movements and helps to ensure the correct form via its integrated display.

6. Reverse fly machine

Reverse fly machine


Link: reverse fly machine

The reverse fly machine primarily trains your upper back muscles, in particular, the posterior deltoid muscle and the trapezius. Your upper back muscles allow you to open and extend your arms backward.

Opening the chest against resistance will not just strengthen the muscles of your upper back, but also prevent or reduce shortening of muscles in the chest area. This, in turn, helps to prevent tension and pain around the neck.

What muscles does the Reverse fly machine work?
Primary musclesUpper back muscles
Secondary musclesPosterior arm muscles

The reverse fly machine is a very effective strength training machine that fits perfectly into any training routine for full-body workouts. The reverse fly machine trains multiple groups of shoulder and back muscles at the same time.

Other strength training machines are certainly firmer gym favorites, such as the biceps machine or butterfly.

Naturally, having built arms and a strong chest are usually higher priorities for many gym-goers and for bodybuilders in particular, who’ll want impressively pumped pecs and biceps. But training on the reverse fly machine is an excellent idea in this situation.

A one-sided workout that is supposedly designed to sculpt a muscular appearance will often result in muscular imbalances if the chest and front shoulder muscles are overtrained through excessive bench presses and similar exercises.

These imbalances are noticeable not just through disproportional muscle growth. Intensive training can also cause a hunchback, as can be seen in many bodybuilders and strength athletes. The back fly machine allows you to effectively train the opposing muscles.

Desk work and excessive use of smartphones and tablets mean many people suffer from a rounded back these days, with hunched shoulders and shortening in the chest and shoulder muscles.

Targeted strength training on the reverse fly machine can expand the chest area and strengthen the back muscles, straightening the posture.

Ntaifitness’s reverse fly machine, which is like a reverse butterfly, is a state-of-the-art professional-level strength-training machine.

The training weight is controlled by a motor that dynamically adjusts the resistance to your performance.

This allows you to use and increase your strength more effectively than with conventional reverse fly training using weights.

The reverse fly machine has different training programs that allow you to boost your strength, firm your figure, or improve your mobility – it’s up to you. Whatever goal you select, you will always train using proven methods based on sports science.

7. Chest press machine

chest press machine


Link: chest press

The chest press primarily trains your pectoral muscles, (pectoralis major and pectoralis minor), colloquially referred to as the pecs.

Your chest muscles bring your arms together in front of your body and stabilize your shoulder joint, and are therefore involved in almost all everyday movements, such as lifting and carrying.

Well-trained chest muscles work in harmony with your upper back muscles to support a healthy posture. Strengthening your pectoral muscles also maintains the functionality of the shoulder joint.

What muscles does the Chest press machine work?
Primary musclesPectoral muscles
Secondary musclesAnterior shoulder muscles, posterior arm muscles

The chest press machine is an extremely useful training machine for everyone. The movement on the chest press is similar to push-ups, which makes it a functional exercise, too. As well as developing the large pectoral muscle (the pecs), the chest press also trains the shoulders and triceps.

Training with a chest press is an effective chest exercise, whatever your training plan.

Beginners, recreational athletes, or seniors whose main reason for strength training is simply to support their health and fitness, are all similarly advised to do full-body workouts using professional exercise equipment.

The chest press is often the device of choice for training in the chest area.

It makes equal sense for professionals and athletes who train their chest muscles individually to include equipment such as the chest press in addition to basic exercises such as bench presses, push-ups, and free-weight exercises for variation.

It is a good idea to ensure your strength training is sufficiently varied, as muscles can adjust to certain types of exertion over time.

This is achieved not only through a combination of exercises designed to build muscle mass, such as the chest press and isolation exercises like the butterfly but also by dividing the training into phases.

This is why all Ntaifitness strength machines provide automatic periodization. The Ntaifitness chest press will provide new training stimuli every six training units you complete.

The chest press is a piece of training kit that works for everyone. Women often report concerns that chest training will make their breasts smaller.

However, if the workout is designed to stimulate muscle growth rather than fat loss, it will lead to firmer rather than smaller breasts, which might otherwise result from a loss of fatty tissue.

The chest press is good for women’s health and helps increase firmness.

The Ntaifitness chest press is very easy to use compared to other training machines. The most important thing is to ensure the machine is set correctly for you. After a one-time adjustment to your body size, the device will automatically adjust itself to the correct settings for every workout.

10 Best Chest Press Machine From Gym Manufacturers Ntaifitness

However, the high-performance chest press from Ntaifitness makes it an effective training tool even for professionals. By applying training methods based on sports science, this chest press allows strong muscle utilization to ensure even experienced bodybuilders will break out in a sweat.

This means our chest press is in no way inferior to alternative strength training equipment, such as the bench press.

8. Butterfly machine

butterfly machine


Link: butterfly machine

Butterfly training should be considered for every training goal in your training plan – whether you aim to build muscle or add definition. This machine gives your upper body an attractive, athletic shape while also contributing to a healthy posture.

The butterfly machine primarily trains your chest muscles. The pectoral muscles (pectoralis major and pectoral minor, referred to as the pecs) bring the arms together in front of the body.

In contrast to other pec and chest exercises such as push-ups, the Ntaifitness butterfly machine trains the chest muscles across the full range of motion.

On the butterfly, your pecs still have to be fully engaged at the endpoint. This means the inner areas of the chest, in particular, are more effectively trained. Well-developed chest muscles are essential for stabilization and the overall health of the shoulder joint.

What muscles does the Butterfly machine work?
Primary musclesPectoral muscles
Secondary musclesAnterior arm muscles

The relatively fast muscle growth means results are soon visible, revealing an impressive chest that’s a vital part of any sculpted and muscular physique. It’s not just men who like the butterfly machine – it’s a great workout for women, too.

The butterfly helps to tone the chest muscles and naturally lift the breasts.

The Ntaifitness Butterfly machine makes pec training even more effective.

A butterfly machine allows you to give your muscles a more isolated workout than when you use a bench press, for example. As an isolation exercise, the butterfly provides optimal stimulation of the chest muscles.

It trains more than just the pecs, though – it engages the anterior shoulder muscles and anterior arm muscles.

Training is particularly effective when it integrates a pressure-based exercise, which makes the Ntaifitness pec deck ideal.

The efficiency of this workout makes the butterfly machine especially beneficial. The sequence of movements is easy to learn and perform.

This makes the chest and pec training easier compared to alternative exercises, such as dumbbells flys or cable crossovers. Our fully electronic butterfly allows even beginners and recreational athletes to achieve impressive results with minimal difficulty.

9.Bicep curl machine

bicep curl machine


Link: biceps curl machine

The biceps machine primarily helps you train the anterior muscles of your upper arms. Your anterior upper arm muscles bend your elbow and rotate your forearm.

The biceps (musculus biceps brachii), often collectively referred to as bis or guns, is a two-headed muscle that is involved in all lifting, bending, and pulling movements. This means it plays a major role in everyday life.

What muscles does the Bicep curl machine work?
Primary musclesAnterior upper arm muscles
Secondary musclesAnterior forearm muscles

Who wouldn’t want strong, athletic arms? Effective upper arm training is not just for bodybuilders. Many men want to have muscular arms, while women of all ages also like to have toned and attractive upper arm muscles.

An effective biceps exercise, like Scott curls, for example, should be part of every fitness or bodybuilding training plan. Training your bis with the Ntaifitness biceps machine has clear advantages over free weights.

With a few isolation exercises for the anterior muscles of your upper arm, you can give your muscles just the stimulus they need to achieve your best training results.

Our innovative setting options are perfect for real fitness pros.

Aside from classic biceps training, like in traditional weightlifting, you can use science-based training methods such as negative or adaptive training to continually challenge and build your muscles.

The ergonomic design of our biceps machine also ensures correct anatomical execution.

It is practically impossible to have improper technique, which is otherwise a frequent cause of injury when exercising with free weights. The settings on our biceps machine minimize the risk that you’ll make a mistake when training your biceps.

The desire for stronger upper arms is often one of the main reasons why people join a gym. Ntaifitness’s unique biceps curl machine provides you with the perfect means to optimize your biceps training – all based on the latest research in sports medicine.

10.Shoulder press machine

shoulder press machine


Link: shoulder press machine

Shoulder presses make sense because they provide such an effective workout. Anyone who lacks the necessary physical strength and stability to safely and properly perform shoulder presses using barbells or dumbbells will find professional training equipment such as the Ntaifitness shoulder press a sensible alternative means to perform this highly recommended exercise.

What muscles does the Shoulder press machine work?
Primary musclesAnterior and lateral shoulder muscles
Secondary musclesNeck muscles

Shoulder presses are a classic in bodybuilding, considered one of the most effective exercises to achieve muscular shoulders. However, their demanding nature means traditional dumbbell or barbell presses are not generally recommended for beginners.

When evaluating the Ntaifitness shoulder press, please note that it is not comparable to a normal mechanical shoulder machine.

A free workout with exercises like the standing straight-bar military press may be more challenging in complexity and require more muscles throughout the body to stabilize yourself, but our shoulder press can be used for stronger and more varied muscle stimuli of the main target muscles, the front, and side deltoids.

Ntaifitness’s adaptive training allows you to continue training after muscle fatigue has set in thanks to continuous weight adjustment up to your maximum muscle capacity.

This increases your strength and promotes the building of new muscle mass. You will rarely achieve such an intense muscle workout doing military presses.

The Ntaifitness shoulder press machine makes this effective gym exercise accessible to everyone.

Shoulder presses using this dedicated strength training machine are significantly easier than the free version using a barbell or dumbbell in a standing position.

Thanks to modern technology integrated into our shoulder press machine, training on this machine can be even more effective than conventional shoulder presses.

11.Triceps press machine

triceps press machine


Link: triceps extension machine

The triceps machine primarily trains your posterior upper arm muscles. The triceps (triceps brachii) is a three-headed arm muscle that is responsible for extending the elbow joint (i.e. straightening the arm) and moving the arm downwards and backward, like when we stand up from a chair with an armrest.

Training on the Ntaifitness triceps press resembles a dip movement in which the shoulders are also lowered. Your shoulders are pulled down during the exercise and your neck relaxes accordingly.

What muscles does the Triceps press machine work?
Primary musclesPosterior upper arm muscles
Secondary musclesChest muscles

There are many reasons why training on a triceps extension machine makes sense. Doing isolation exercises for the triceps using a machine provides a particularly strong training stimulus for maximum muscle mass.

It also increases the control you have over the exercise compared to conventional dumbbell training, reducing your risk of injury. There’s no more targeted way to train your triceps than with Ntaifitness.

Particularly if you don’t have strong muscles, to begin with, free triceps exercises such as triceps presses with weights can do more harm than good.

Especially with high weights, even advanced bodybuilders are prone to incorrect postures and improper form.

Automatic adjustment to your body size and your maximum strength makes training on the triceps machine safe and effective.

Simply put, triceps training is something for everyone. Inexperienced strength athletes and bodybuilders often overtrain their biceps, i.e. the front upper arm muscles. This can lead to unbalanced arms, which need to be counteracted by training the triceps.

The triceps, also known as the tris, is the opposing muscles of the biceps, also known as the bis. That is why overtraining the biceps results in this particular muscular imbalance.

You can use the Ntaifitness Fitness App to determine the relative strength of these muscles so you can tell at any time whether you are training your tris enough.

Isolated training is particularly effective for this. It also pays dividends when you do basic exercises such as bench presses or dips and push-ups – you simply have more strength if you do dedicated training for your triceps.

The professional triceps machine from Ntaifitness makes your triceps training even more effective because you train based on the latest findings in sports science and the training is optimally tailored to your needs.

Our triceps extension machine ensures optimal force distribution throughout the entire exercise.

You train across the optimal range of motion. There’s also no risk of training your right and left arm unevenly, as might happen with dumbbell training. The machine training consistently and reliably stimulates even muscle growth on both arms.

12.Calf press machine

calf press machine


Link: calf machine

Whatever your training goal, a calf machine is an extremely useful strength and fitness tool, because it allows you to train the superficial calf muscles in relative isolation, ensuring these primary target muscles are trained with particular efficiency.

What muscles does the Calf press machine work?
Primary musclesCalf muscles
Secondary musclesDeep calf muscles, anterior thigh muscles

The calves are one of the biggest problem areas you come across in the gym. A certain number of men have massive upper bodies, propped up by puny little legs.

Women, on the other hand, often complain that their trousers or boots don’t fit because their calves are too thick.

Aside from being attractive, strong calves are also useful in everyday life. The calf muscles (the gastrocnemius and soleus) allow you to raise your heel, i.e. to point your foot downwards.

Known as plantar flexion, this allows you to stand on your toes, and plays an important role in walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, and climbing. That’s why you should include the calf press machine in your training plan.

Many strength trainers neglect to train their lower legs. Well-trained calves can improve performance in many sports, especially sports that involve running and jumping.

The power of the calf muscles and the ability to train explosive muscle contractions on the Ntaifitness calf machine through our special athletic program are particularly valuable to professional sportspeople.

Regular training can also reduce the risk of knee and ankle injuries because the calf muscles are sometimes subjected to heavy loads during running and jumping movements common in competitive sports

There’s a lot of speculation and theorizing about the different types of muscle fibers when it comes to calf training.

While the gastrocnemius has more fast-contracting and fast-tiring fibers (strength, type II: fast-twitch), the soleus mainly contains slow, fatigue-resistant muscle fibers (endurance, type I: slow-twitch).

The Ntaifitness calf machine offers the great advantage of automatic periodization, which divides your training into different phases to activate as many muscle fibers as possible.

The calf muscle or triceps surae is made up of two muscles – the two-headed gastrocnemius, which gives your calves their characteristic shape, and the underlying soleus muscle.

The Ntaifitness calf press machine is the perfect training machine for effective calf training.

It combines the advantages of conventional machine training with the effectiveness of personalized training, which is normally only possible with the help of a personal trainer.

13.Leg extension machine

leg extension machine


Link: leg extension machine

Leg extension training is a particularly good idea if you want to train your thighs. Machine-supported leg extension training is a classic isolation exercise for the quadriceps. As you perform the exercise in a sitting position, it’s also a great training method for people who have difficulties with advanced exercises.

What muscles does the Leg extension machine work?
Primary musclesQuadriceps
Secondary muscles

The leg extension machine is used to train your anterior thigh muscles, meaning the four-headed muscle in your upper thigh (musculus quadriceps femoris). The quadriceps is the muscle with the densest muscle mass in the body and consists of four parts or heads.

These muscles are known as the rectus femoris, the vastus medialis, the vastus intermedius, and the vastus lateral. The main function of your anterior thigh muscles (quads) is knee extension, to support activities such as running and jumping.

Whether leg extension training is recommendable is often discussed and debated at length, since there is a risk of injury to the knee joint.

However, there’s a theoretical risk of injuring the knee with every exercise involving the quadriceps.

Training on a Ntaifitness leg extension machine allows you to carefully activate and strengthen the anterior thigh muscles while putting a comparatively low strain on the tibiofemoral joint.

This makes our training machine very useful for gradually and gently increasing pressure on the knee, for example, after surgery on the cruciate ligament or following a hip replacement.

A well-trained anterior thigh muscle helps prevent osteoarthrosis, strengthen the menisci, and avoid knee injuries.

Just like all Ntaifitness machines, the Ntaifitness leg extension machine has been ergonomically and technically designed to ensure you can work out both healthily and safely. Software-controlled starting and finishing positions make it easy to get on and off the machine.

The optimal force distribution of Ntaifitness fitness equipment ensures training is gentle on joints, reducing risky shock loads.

A leg extension machine, sometimes also called a leg extender, is a popular piece of gym equipment for isolated quadriceps training. Stretching out your legs on this machine provides effective exercise and is also beginner-friendly.

The Ntaifitness leg extension machine is a powerful tool that will make your leg training easier and more efficient than ever before.

14.Leg curl machine

leg curl machine


Link: leg curl machine

The leg curl machine is primarily used to train your posterior thigh muscles, also known as the hamstrings. This muscle group includes the two-headed posterior thigh muscle known as the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus.

These muscles are used to bend the lower legs and to stabilize the knee joint during everyday movements. Well-trained hamstring muscles protect the knee from injuries and significantly prevent damage to the knee from excessive strain.

Strengthening these muscles also supports hip extension and therefore helps promote healthy posture.

What muscles does the Leg curl machine work?
Primary musclesPosterior thigh muscles
Secondary muscles
Calf muscles

Seated leg curling exercises are extremely effective, provided you’re training on a professional leg curl machine and perform the exercise accurately. The Ntaifitness leg curling machine allows you to safely and comfortably strengthen the muscles on the back of your thighs.

Regular training of the hamstrings is advisable for both aesthetic and health reasons. The leg curl machine is the ideal exercise machine for this purpose.

Injuries of the posterior thigh muscles count among the most common sports injuries.

That’s why preventative action to strengthen your hamstrings makes good sense from a sports medicine point of view alone. Training your hamstrings reduces your risk of injury to the back of your thighs.

Or after an injury, it can be a good idea to train to promote speedy regeneration.

The hamstrings also contribute to the stability of the knee joint, which is very important in everyday life as well as in professional weightlifting.

It makes sense for strength trainers to perform leg curls on a training machine in a sitting position to efficiently train their hamstrings.

Leg curl exercises on a machine allow you to train the back of your thighs more effectively than you would perform other exercises, such as Romanian deadlifts.

On the other hand, it’s also much less difficult than basic free-weight exercises. Guided exercises mean that anyone can effectively train their hamstrings.

15.Glute machine

glute machine


Link: Glute Kickback Machine

The gluteus machine is primarily used to train your gluteal muscles, also known as the glutes. Your gluteal muscles extend your hips backward and are therefore key players in all walking, running, and jumping movements.

Full extension of the hip is extremely important for maintaining a healthy posture.

The glute machine allows you to train up to your limit of motion. Aside from strengthening your glutes, training on this machine can also reduce and prevent shortening of the muscles in the hip and thigh area.

What muscles does the Glute machine work?
Primary musclesGlutes
Secondary musclesHamstrings, lower back muscles

If you want pert and firm buttocks, you have to train the gluteus maximus – the largest of the glutes. It’s our body’s biggest muscle going by volume and covers the gluteus medius and minimus muscles to give your buttocks their shape.

A well-formed backside is always desirable – for men and women alike. That makes training the glutes something worth concentrating on from a purely aesthetic perspective.

More than that, though, the glutes also play a major role in the musculoskeletal system, so they should also be trained for solely physiological reasons.

A professional training machine to strengthen the gluteal muscles offers the advantage that everyone – no matter their gender, age, size, or experience – can train successfully with it.

Alternative equipment-free glute exercises such as pelvic lifting (also known as a glute bridge on account of the shape formed) or hip thrusts are often too strenuous or complex for beginners and people who are overweight, which is why many can’t stick at their efforts to train their butt.

Guided exercises on the Ntaifitness gluteus machine ensure a high level of safety as you train, especially when compared to barbells or training discs.

This applies in particular to Ntaifitness’s fully electronic glute machine, with its perfect ergonomics and automatic device settings.

Gluteus machines like ours have also proven their worth in terms of training benefits.

Of course, the gluteal muscles are also exercised as a secondary effect when performing other exercises. However, if you want to focus your training on the gluteus maximus, you need to include the glute machine in your training plan.

While primarily training the gluteal muscles, you’ll also train the hamstrings, i.e. the posterior thigh muscles, along with the lower part of the erector spine in the back.

Aside from the visual and athletic benefits of training, you should always consider how beneficial an exercise and its target muscles are to your overall health and mobility.

The gluteus maximus is the most important extensor in the hip.

It stabilizes your thighs when standing up, walking and running, prevents the pelvis from tipping over, and supports an upright posture when walking.

In most people’s predominantly sedentary everyday life, the gluteal muscles are often insufficiently activated and exercised, which leads to problems in the human skeletal and locomotor systems – such as hip or back pain.

That’s why activating and strengthening these muscles using a glute machine makes sense for everyone – not just bodybuilders, athletes, and image-conscious people.

The glute machine is the ideal exercise machine for targeted training of the buttocks in the gym – the machine’s back leg extension is considered one of the best exercises for the butt. Depending on the design of the machine, the exercise can be performed either standing or lying down.

The powerful Ntaifitness glute machine features healthy biomechanics for optimal natural ergonomics, allowing comfortable execution of the exercise while standing.

16.Leg press machine

leg press machine


Link: leg press machine

The leg press machine trains all the muscles used to extend the legs. This consists of the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) that flex the foot at the ankle, the anterior thigh muscles (quadriceps femoris or quads) that extend the knee, and the muscles in the buttocks (gluteus maximus or glutes) that extend the hip.

These muscles support you in performing everyday exercises and movements such as walking, jumping, running, and simply standing up.

Strengthening these muscles will also stabilize the knee joint. The ischiocrural muscles, i.e. the hamstring muscles including the biceps femoris, are also worked when you train using the leg press.

What muscles does the Leg press machine work?
Primary musclesQuadriceps
Secondary musclesGlutes, hamstrings

The leg press is considered one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment for training the legs. In contrast to the leg extension machine, the leg press trains not just the thighs, but also a multitude of other important muscle groups.

The leg press is ideal for building your leg muscles. Exercises using the machine are much easier to perform than free exercises, such as squats.

If you don’t do your squats just right, this decreases the effectiveness of the exercise while simultaneously increasing the risk you might injure your knees.

The Ntaifitness leg press machine makes it easier for you to incorporate the progressive overload principle into your workouts. When you perform squats using a barbell, it becomes more and more challenging to train safely as you increase the weight, because it requires strong stabilizer muscles and enormous body control to avoid doing it wrong.

On top of this, you’ll usually be dependent on a training partner when you perform squats with high weights.

The Ntaifitness leg press machine allows you to train safely and solo, even with very high loads.

Training using a leg press is useful for more than just bodybuilders looking to develop strength and build mass. It’s also an essential item on any training plan for men and women who’d like to sculpt their legs and buttocks.

Our fully electronic strength training machine will prescribe appropriate training methods to sculpt and build your thigh and hip extensor muscles using the leg press.

Training your muscles simultaneously increases your energy consumption, which will support you in maintaining slim and defined legs.

As an extremely popular leg training machine for developing a built lower body, the leg press is also used by professional athletes and bodybuilders as part of an effective workout. The Ntaifitness leg press is a fully automatic strength training machine that offers significant advantages over traditional leg presses.

It is what’s known as a 45-degree leg press, where the foot platform is pushed upwards at an angle.


17. Abductor machine

abductor machine


Link: hip abductor machine

The hip abductor machine is used to train your lateral gluteal muscles (glutes), including both the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, as well as the lateral, external hip muscles including the tensor fasciae latae in the thigh.

Your lateral buttocks and hip muscles are responsible for lifting the legs out to the side, and, along with the adductors, stabilizing your hip joint.

If you train these muscles until your thighs are stretched, you can also improve hip mobility, which will help to prevent back pain.

What muscles does the Abductor machine work?
Primary musclesLateral glutes
Secondary musclesLateral hip muscles

Abductor's muscles move a body part away from the centerline of the body, e.g. at the shoulder or hip joints.

However, ‘abductors’ is also commonly used as a synonym for the gluteal (glutes) or hip muscles responsible for lifting the thigh out to the side. Similarly, in weight training, abductor machines are often simply referred to as abductors.

There are many reasons why training on an abductor machine is a great idea. Abductors are important muscles that are often neglected.

A high-quality hip abduction machine allows you to train this muscle group in greater isolation than when you do free exercises.

Well-trained hip abductors are required by athletes in a multitude of disciplines, as they support lateral changes in direction when playing sports.

They stabilize the pelvis when walking and running and help to prevent the pelvis and knees from tilting inwards when your feet hit the group, preventing the feet from bending inwards.

Weak abductors can have a significant negative impact on your running style and are a common cause of running injuries.

People who play ball sports need stability, mobility, core control, and strong hips so they also benefit from appropriate abductor training.

Many athletes and professional sportspeople, especially footballers, focus primarily on the adductors in their training routines or sports themselves, resulting in muscular imbalances.

Footballers who usually pass or shoot the ball using the inside of their foot often undergo excessive strengthening of the adductors, which can lead to a shortening of the inner thighs or even bow legs. It is worth using an abductor machine to counteract this.

This compensatory training will build the antagonists and balance your muscle’s relative strength.

Abductor machines are also useful in physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy). Machine-based abductor training promotes mobility in the hip joint and helps to relieve pressure on the spine.

Abductor training can be helpful in cases of hip dysplasia or bow-leggedness, or for people with hip or knee replacements.

Machines designed to train the abductors and their opposing muscles, the adductors, often have a reputation in gyms as equipment for women who want to work on their buttocks and thighs, which many consider being problem areas.

Training the abductors by stabilizing the leg axis is important, especially for the prevention of knee problems and recovery from related injuries.

Ntaifitness’s abductor machine is a professional exercise machine found in the best gyms and designed to give you an effective workout.

18. Adductor machine

adductor machine


Link: adductor machine

The adductor machine is primarily used to train your inner hip muscles (adductor Magnus and adductor brevis) and your inner thigh muscles (adductor longus and the gracilis muscle). Your inner hip and thigh muscles are responsible for bringing the legs closer together, and, along with the abductors, stabilizing the hip joint.

Training the adductors activates the inner thigh muscles, which supports the correct movement of the knee cap. This is especially important to prevent knee problems and promote recovery from knee injuries.

If you train these muscles until your thighs are stretched, you can also improve mobility in your hip joint, which will help to prevent back pain.

What muscles does the Adductor machine work?
Primary musclesInner hip muscles
Secondary musclesInner thigh muscles

The adductors are muscles or groups of muscles that move a body part towards the centerline of the body. These can be found in the thighs, hands, and feet, for example. However, when people talk about the adductors, they are usually referring specifically to the adductors of the thigh.

An adductor machine is the ideal training device to train the adductors in isolation. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike.

Activating and strengthening the inner thigh muscles is something that can be recommended to everyone in the gym, no matter what their experience.

From a sports science perspective, training the adductors is very important for maintaining general health.

The thigh adductors allow you to bring your legs together and add to the stability of the pelvis and legs. This is required in many everyday movements, such as walking and running.

Aside from their main function, the individual adductor muscles also perform other functions.

For example, they are involved in extension or flexing of the thigh at the hip.

There are various reasons why strengthening the adductors is beneficial to all kinds of athletes – from bodybuilders and strength trainers to marathon runners and professional footballers.

In the case of footballers, the adductors are subjected to heavy stress when playing, particularly when shooting or changing direction.

Strength training for the adductors increases endurance and reduces the risk of injury. It is also important to strengthen the opposing muscles, i.e. the abductors, to avoid muscular imbalances.

Adductor training is often neglected by male bodybuilders, as the adduction machine, in particular, is regarded as a machine for women. Despite this misconception, strong adductors are vital to ensuring stability when performing demanding exercises such as cross-lifting or squats.

Leg training has always been popular among women in the gym. Current beauty ideals have a strong focus on the thighs, which is also reflected in outright alarming body trends such as the thigh gap.

This has massively boosted the popularity of training exercises that focus on the inner thighs. For anyone looking for defined and toned inner thighs, there is no better machine in the gym than the adductor.

The adductors are located inside the thigh. An adductor machine found in gyms and physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) or rehabilitation facilities is used to train these muscles. The effectiveness of this training depends to a large extent on the design and correct use of the equipment.

Ntaifitness’s powerful adductor machine has been ergonomically and biomechanically designed to ensure optimal training – safe, comfortable, and effective.

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