Best Glute Exercises For Women

Best Glute Exercises For Women

Before breaking down what exercises are best for getting firm and well-shaped glutes, here is a brief summary first on what exactly glutes are so that you can know exactly what you are working on.

Glutes are composed of three muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

The Maximus is the main player and is what creates the shape of your bum. To work it out in order to achieve your desired shape and size, there are exercises that you can do which basically revolve around raising your thighs to the side, rotating your legs one at a time, and thrusting your hips forward.

A lot of the exercises for glutes involve squats too, as you will see below.

There is a wide variety of them, including glute builder workouts for mass, some glute exercises at home that you could get to, tips on how to build glutes fast, and suggestions for glute machines.

This article also mainly focuses on glute exercises for women in specific, and how to get them in tip-top shape.

Glute Exercises for Women

i. Plie squats.

This is a pretty basic workout. Now what you do is stand with your legs apart, with a distance of about two feet between them.

Then put your hands on your hips, and raise yourself slowly onto your toes, bending your knees and sitting back. Keep going lower till your thighs are aligned parallel to the floor.

Then slowly, get back up to your original position. Try to do this with your arms placed at your front too to achieve maximum balance. That will be one rep. Do 15 to achieve your desired results.

ii. Squat and lunge

Squat Lunge: Get into a standing position, and place your hands on your hips. Go down into a squatting position, and make sure your knees do not go past your toes. Go back to your starting position, and take a big step forward on your left foot, making sure you land on your heel, then lower yourself to the ground.

Make sure your legs bend to around 90 degrees. This will be one rep, so try and do about 15 for better results.

iii. Side-To-Side Squat Jump

Stand with your feet apart on a shoulder-width length, and put your arms on the side. With your hips pushed back, bend yourself at the knees, and go lower till your upper thighs are on a parallel line with the floor.

Raise up your arms to be parallel to the floor too, pause, then jump as high as you can! Land on your feet, then start on another rep.

Glute Exercises You Can Get Into At Home

1. Burrell.

Now, this three-step routine is a bit of a complicated one but is very worth it in the end. Start by standing up, then jump and put your hands above your head, come back down and do a full squat.

Whew! You can already feel your body taking shape yeah? Haha. Now sit down and extend your body so that you are in a completely flat position on the ground, arms stretched out over your head.

Do this twice, then get back up into the squatting position. Go through the jumping position again, back to the squat, then lying down.

2. Thrusts.

Get into a standing position, then do a squat slowly and bend your arms till you can touch your elbows. As you return to your original standing position, stretch your arms up over your head.

If you feel up to the task, you can add weights to this glute drive machine exercise, then lift them using your legs.

3. Semi planks.

Get down to the floor and lie flat, but with your face, up and your legs bent and knees supported. Now, raise the trunk of your body, meaning your bum goes up off the ground. Form a straight line between your knee and shoulders, then relax your body till your buttocks touch the floor again.

• Semi plank with one leg.
For this one, lie down on your back with one foot resting on the floor. The other leg should remain elevated and fully extended. Now lift your body until your leg and trunk aligned.

4. Balancing kickback.

Kickback: From a standing position, bend one leg forward as you bring the other one back. Do the same process on your other leg too. This one is pretty simple, right?

5. Climber.

Lie face down with your legs rested and arms stretched out to the back. Bring your feet up to your hands, with your legs stretched out as far as possible. Jump up to recover your original starting position.

• Reverse climber.
Do the same starting process as in the climber exercise, which is lying face down with your arms stretched back.

Now, bring your left knee to the height of your left hand, then return back to your original position and repeat the same thing with your right hand and leg. Not too hard now is it?

Glute Workouts To Build Mass.

• Back Squats.

These will help you add some muscle to your quadriceps and glutes too. They, however, cannot be done alone, so it would be advisable to incorporate some other workouts too for proper bulk.

• Romanian Deadlifts.

This is an exercise for your glutes and hamstrings too. It can be used as the basis of your workout as you work your way up to more complex workouts. It affects muscle activation and development too.

• Front Squats.

Front squats are a lot like back squats and are good for your glute development and perfect for leg day too, which are key during muscle movement.

• Bulgarian split squats.

The Bulgarian split squat puts your glutes into a high activity mode and is good for hip control and stability too. The wider you make your split squats, the better for your hips and glutes.

• Lunges.

Lunges are used to increase unilateral glute development, strength, plus hip and knee stability too.

• Cable pull through.

Cable pull-throughs are much like the hip thrusts, and allow you to contract your glutes to their maximum ability.

• Banded clamshells.

Banded clamshells do not need loads, only mini bands. They help shape the smaller glute muscles responsible for stability. You can increase their intensity in order to achieve complete stability and hip abduction.

• Straight Leg Monster Walks.

These exercises focus on the gluteus medius, which is a part that can often go forgotten. Monster walks are done with locked knees so that your glute development can be challenged by getting no assistance from the quadriceps.

Getting Those Glutes In Shape, and Fast!

You probably have a big event coming up, which you need to look your absolute best for, like a vacation, wedding or a video shoot. There are a few glute exercises that you can invest in for fast results, and by fast, it means you could have that perfect booty in under 6 weeks.

• Cross Toe Touches.

This exercise will not only help with your glutes but with your waistline too. Spread both your arms and legs out, arms parallel to the ground. Then twist your upper body to go downwards and use your right hand to touch your left toe. Return back to your original position and do the same for your other side.

• Low Hip Raises.

Get into a squatting position with your feet apart, go lower, then raise your right leg sideways as high as it can go. Repeat the same procedure for the left side too.

The Best Glute Extension Machines In The Market.

  1. Recumbent exercise bike.
  2. Sunny folding climbing stepper.
  3. StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill.
  4. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine.
  5. ProForm ZT6 Treadmill.
  6. Ntaifitness Hip Thrust Machine

There, of course, are other brands out there in the market that you can use to work on and perfect your form, so you can check them out online, and pick what best fits your work out routine and price range too. Ensure that you purchase something that is safe too, which is why you should consult with a trainer first in order to get proper information.

For all of these glute workouts, there are tutorials online, and you can check out blogs, websites or even head on down to YouTube and teach yourself.

You can also invest in a workout app that is highly recommended by experts which will help you know how many workouts to do, and how often. You can also track your weight, BMI, your food and diet plan and a lot of other things with the help of a good app.

You can see that the secret to getting those firm glutes is persistence and self-discipline, making sure that you do not give up on working out and maintaining a proper diet. Something important to note, however, is that you should not exert yourself too much to the point of hurting yourself.

Consult with a certified trainer, even if you plan on exercising at home, on what the right workouts for you are.

All the best getting that firm bum!