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Glute Drive Machine for Sale, Buy Hip Thrust Machine Online

The Ntaifitness Hip Thrust Machine Glute Drive also known as a Glute Bridge will improve core strength and posture for anyone who uses the machine thanks to its adjustability.

This Glute Drive-Hip Thrust Machine is our new and innovative plate loaded machine, with buckle belt, which makes hip-thrusting safe and easy to use. The machine is a compact design, which makes it easy to place.

Our Glute Drive-Hip Thrust Machine provides excellent glute workout with its patented raised feet design allowing for a deeper range of movement and constant resistance for better results.

Whether you are taller or shorter than average, this Hip Thrust Bench was built for everyone.

The Glute thruster piece safely and smartly isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating sexy glutes, improved hip and core stability.

The Ntaifitness Glute Drive is the best way to perform the hip thrust exercise, which is the most effective way to increase the strength and size of the gluteus maximus for enhanced sports performance.

These benefits are universally desirable, important for a wide variety of sports and exercises, and are arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism.

The Hip Thrust is a glute exercise designed to improve your strength, speed, and power by teaching optimal hip extension.

The hip thrust may be the best glutes-builder on the planet. If you want to sprint faster, explode harder, rip more plates off the floor, and sport rock-hard glutes, the hip thrust should be part of your program.

Hip thrusts are an excellent isolation movement for the glutes. As Chris stated, the glutes are primarily involved in a system of hip extension, and that means it can be very difficult to find heavy movements that train the glutes in isolation.

The Glute Thruster gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely, and with good form.

The Ntaifitness Hip Thruster Glute Drive is a standalone unit built to a commercial-quality and designed without moving parts to ensure durability.

The Glute drive machine is designed to promote good biomechanics and balanced weight curve.

A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety. Users can load up to four plates on each side.

The plate-loaded hip thruster machine is easy to set up, easy to get into because of its industrial-grade seat belt, and safe on the back because of an articulating back pad that supports the entire length of the spine and promotes a proper hip hinging motion.

Hip Thrust vs Hip Thrust

  • The biggest difference between the hip thrust and the glute bridge is that because your back is elevated, there's an increased range of motion that your hips must travel for every rep.
  • The hip thrust is typically loaded with weight and used as a strength training exercise; the glute bridge is more often done as a bodyweight move but can be weighted as well.
  • The glute bridge is typically done with shoulders on the floor, while hip thrusts are typically done with shoulders on a bench or platform.
  • The best part of the glute bridge is that it requires zero equipment or set-up, while the hip thrust requires a bench or box for back support.

It is our goal to build lasting relationships with our customers. Therefore, we strongly believe in preventative maintenance for all new and used equipment and have a variety of programs to implement this.

Our team of technicians is all factory certified by the top manufacturers in the industry.


  • Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support
  • Large, angled foot platform with non-slip surface offers excellent stability to better engage glutes
  • Oversized angled foot platform to accommodate users of all sizes
  • Dual-sided safety catch and release mechanism for ease of use
  • Bottom dropout safety stop
  • Integrated resistance band pegs for modification of load curve
  • Commercial Grade dual-pivot bearings
  • Delrin coated protective wear surfaces on heavy contact and load points
  • Comfortable buckle belt for ease and safety

This item is made on order. So please allow 4-8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery. Various colors are available for steel frame and upholstery.