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Smith Machine With Cable Crossover

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Functional Trainer

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Functional Trainer Cable Machine

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Functional Trainers - Dual Adjustable Pulley

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The concept of making training “more functional” began with physical therapists, and from here on the trend really caught on, until it began to be adopted by coaches and personal trainers.

As it became more widespread, the need for functional trainer machines also went up, and today they are frequently used in gymnasiums, health clubs, fitness centers, etc.

What is a functional trainer?

To put it in a nutshell, a functional trainer is a piece of multi-functional fitness equipment that incorporates multiple crossover cables and attachments so you are able to perform all kinds of directional movements like pulls, fly’s, curls, and so on.

The pulley system on these units can be calibrated up and down as well as internally and externally for a great range of movement during exercises.

How can functional trainers be of help? Take a look:

Lots of Options

The cable on a functional trainer doesn’t have to follow a fixed plane, so there is a vast array of options when it comes to performing exercises.

As a result, more sports-specific routines can be implemented if required, while every body part can be worked upon in a dynamic manner.

You can enjoy full and varied sessions on a functional trainer whether you are into full-body training or split training.

Here are some examples of exercises on a functional trainer:

  • Arms: Bicep curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions.
  • Shoulders: Cable crossovers, shoulder press, lat raise, reverse fly’s, upright rows.
  • Back: Rows, pulldowns, single-arm rows, straight-arm pushdowns.
  • Chest: Cable fly’s, chest press from any angle.
  • Legs: Glute kickbacks, straight-legged deadlift, cable squats, leg raises.

functional trainer machine delivers exceptional workout possibilities for everyone, especially as assistance movements for athletes.

As the range in motion in these exercises is quite large, meaning you need to start and finish in a position where your muscles are stretched, flexibility is significantly enhanced.

Experiment with Attachments

Due to the nature of a functional trainer machine, and cable crossover hooks, there are multiple attachments you can indulge in.

This is beneficial because having various attachments lets you target specific muscle groups and progress exercises as per your capabilities without over-exerting yourself.

For instance, if you wish to work on your biceps, do hammer curls with a rope attachment and bicep curls with a straight barbell.

Your workouts will get extremely interesting as you can try out rope attachments, barbells, handles, straps, harnesses, tri-bar attachments and much more.

They are Completely Safe

A common issue people face in gyms and health clubs with free weight equipment is, even if they want to try out certain exercises and use a particular machine, they tend to shy away due to lack of confidence, or because there is no one to assist them.

A functional machine is nice and easy to use and one doesn’t have to worry about getting stuck on a weight bench or getting buried under plates.

It is really easy to operate – functional trainer machine manufacturers have specifically paid attention to that aspect. All you have to do is move the pin to the weight you can manage so there are no embarrassing mishaps.

Anyone can utilize it without feeling their confidence waning while being in full control of your movements. The parts are top quality so you can rest assured about your safety!

Highly Cost-Effective

Researching about a functional trainer machine price? Don’t worry – they are tremendously cost-effective.

It might seem you are shelling out quite a lot for a single unit, but they ensure you can train almost every single body part and you don’t have to purchase extra weights (available pre-loaded with all the weight you need), dumbbells or any other expensive machinery.

This makes it wonderful for installing in commercial establishments as you can now offer fantastic and safe training options.

A functional trainer machine lets you perform effective workouts, resistance training, and assistance exercises.

Apt for Rehab

Physical therapists would essentially develop exercises to replicate what patients did at home or work in order to return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery.

That is why the notion of functional training is deeply rooted in rehabilitation. These machines can be programmed to provide a very gentle form of resistance for most muscles in the body.

They are great for progression as the weights can be increased accordingly.

Who can use functional training machines?

Regardless of the fitness level or background, anyone can benefit from these machines.

For example, an exercise ball can even be used during a workout on a functional trainer, by sitting on it and pulling the cable handle toward you at a variety of angles.

Since this training represents any type of exercise that is directly related to activities performed in daily life, the machine is meant for everyone starting from distance runners and baseball players, to carpenters and homemakers.

To sum up it is an amazing piece of equipment whether you wish to improve how you feel and perform during the course of everyday activities, or sport-specific movements.

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Functional Trainers - Dual Adjustable Pulley