Exercises with Lat Pulldown Machine

Exercises with Lat Pulldown Machine

In today’s fast-paced life it has become very important to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle; there is nothing that can be achieved if you are not both physically and mentally active.

There are varieties of workouts that can help you towards your goal and one of them is Lat pull down.

This workout will improve the muscle strength and boost your endurance; it will also help in the supply of more oxygen and will generate nutrients to the tissues along with increased efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

The major benefit of Lat Pulldowns

The Lat machine is also known as a cable pulldown machine. Lat pulldown exercise is the compound ones, at once it will affect several joints of the body in order to strengthen the shoulders and Latissimus dorsi muscles, it also helps in building up biceps and forearms muscles.

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down

Lat Pulldown is an essential machine in Gym; it consists of a bench along with a set of weights in front of you which will operate with a pulley system.

Above your head, there will a pull-down bar which can be reached when you are standing, this will allow you to get quality broad back muscles.

  • Sit on the lat pulldown station.
  • Grasp the handle, the handle will be quite wide and slightly tilt.
  • Adjust the height of the seat.
  • Arms should be completely straight.
  • Pull the blades down and back, then slowly return to the starting position.

Reverse close grip Lat pulldown

This will give a variation of the first exercise with a reverse grip and a slightly different setting of the hands. This will be aimed at the development of the muscles of the back and the load will be slightly shifted. Remember it's very important to choose a comfortable width of the grip.

  • Attach v bar to the machine.
  • Grab the handle with a reverse grip, Palms should be toward your side.
  • The back should be straight and keep the body still.
  • Pull down the v bar slowly till your chest.
  • Hold for a count.

Behind the Neck Lat pulldown

This will involve trapeziums muscle. Here it is not advised to use more weight.

Grab the handle with a reverse grip. Palms should be facing towards your side.

  • The back should be straight
  • Pull the bar backside down very slowly.
  • Hold for a count.
  • Return to the beginning position very slowly.

This is not it; there are many more forms that can be done with the Lat Pull Down machine.

Lat Pulldown Machine is outstanding equipment that gives a workout session for the whole body.

This can be a perfect addition to your home gym as well; one can buy weight machines easily online available at various sites and head-on with the journey of fitness and active lifestyle.