Exercises and Gym Equipment to Get Beautiful and Strong Inner Thighs

Exercises and Gym Equipment to Get Beautiful and Strong Inner Thighs

Inner thighs are one of the most noticeable areas where fat accumulates the most. Especially women are concerned about the excess fat in inner thighs.

There are so many exercises that are available to cut the extra fat and tone the inner thighs. Most of these exercises can be performed at home without any specific equipment.

However, if you can go to the gym and perform some intense exercises using some appropriate equipment, then it will accelerate your fat loss process.

Home Exercises


Inner thigh scissors are very effective in toning inner as well as outer thighs. You have to lie on your back and lift your legs.

Using the force on inner thighs, open your legs. This will stretch your thighs and help you in losing fat in that area.

Foot Sweep

In this exercise, you first have to stand tall and then bring your right foot above the ground. After that, sweep the right foot over your left foot.

Then repeat it with the other foot. This crossover helps in stretching your inner thighs, and hence it gets toned.

Inner Thigh Leg Lift

Lie down on one of your sides and then cross your top leg over the bottom leg. Now strengthen your bottom leg and lift it above the ground level by applying full strength with your inner thighs.

This helps a lot in increasing the leg strength along with toning inner thighs.

Gym Equipment

Adduction Machine

It is probably the best tool for inner thigh issues. You have to sit on the chair associated with the machine and then move your legs to the levers.

After that, the adductor machine brings the legs closer, and you should take all the resistance on your inner thighs.

Inner thighs exercises can be done at home or at the gym at your convenience. Using gym equipment will definitely show improvement in lesser time.

Cable Machine

You have to strap the cable on your ankles while you are closest to the cable machine.

Then move this leg in front of your body. Repeat it in sets and your thigh will lose fat very effectively.


The treadmill can also be used for toning inner thighs. You have to stand sideways on a treadmill moving with a speed of around 2-2.5 mph.

Then start moving towards the console with one foot and bring the other foot close to it. To do it more efficiently, you should use the Ntaifitness treadmill.

But the most important thing is while performing any exercise, the full force should be on your thighs and not on the knee or any other part.