Dual Cable Cross

Looking for Dual Cable Cross for Sale ? Buy Ntaifitness Dual Cable Cross Selectorized Weight Stack Multi Functional Trainer Exercises for Back, Chest, Triceps, Bicep Curls, Squats and More.
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Dual Cable Cross for Sale


Ntaifitenss Dual Cable Cross  THEARCHY-2011 features a single 125 lb silent steel weight stack that allows you to do limitless exercises.

Functional training is just as possible as classic strength training or endurance interval training.

This COMMERCIAL MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TRAINER is a space saver alternative to a full Crossover Pulley machine, which allows users to perform dozens of exercises from this single machine instead of having to use multiple exercise equipment.

This machine features both vertical and horizontal pulley adjustments to accommodate different heights and body types.

Designed for residential or light commercial use, the functional trainer enables users to perform nearly unlimited exercises: including sports-specific movements, bodybuilding, functional fitness and rehabilitation exercises.

Designed for functional, speed and ballistic training, and is accessible for wheelchairs, rehab equipment, workout benches, and stability balls.

Work out all the major muscle groups without investing in several separate machines with the Ntaifitenss Functional Trainer and Dual Adjustable Pulley.

Dual Cable Cross Multi-Functional Trainer Pin Loaded Machine offers 22 easy to adjust positions per column and independent movement of the body promoting a wider workout variety.

Exercises include Cable Crossovers, Chest Presses, Tricep Presses, Lat Pulldown, Squats, RowsInner/Outer thigh Kicks.

This extraordinary machine provides users with a huge range of exercise variables that will be minimizing the area required with its ingenious space-saving design.

Fitted with a high-end metal pulley that is anodized red for aesthetics this incredible machine not only looks fantastic but it performs at the highest levels to suit any demanding commercial environment.

The pulleys integrated into this product have been made from aluminum alloy materials so they can withstand heavy use in any gym and have been deep-grooved so cables don't drop out during use.

The perfect complement to any health club or as a stand-alone in vertical market settings like hotels, condos, apartments, executive fitness centers.

The low inertia weight stack allows for movement at functional speeds so users can train for a specific motion emulating real-life activities.

Best of all, the machine fits in just about any home or commercial environment, from small apartments and condos to gyms with limited space.

Get Functional Training Strength Equipment with hundreds of movements in a space-efficient machine. The estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks.

The Functional Trainer is available in different colors on request, but in this case, longer delivery times can be expected.

Combining the feel of free weights with the safety of a machine, the Ntaifitenss Multi-Functional Trainer Cable Machine carries a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on parts.

Learn more about us Top 10 Functional Training Equipment 2019.

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  • Full commercial grade
  • It includes 125 lb weight stacks.
  • Hydraulically supported arms for easy and safe vertical adjustments.
  • Heavy-duty magnetic selectorized pins.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Dozens of exercises possible with multi-adjustable arms and swivel pulleys.
  • Weight Stacks have been fitted with magnetic weight pins.
  • Each stack moves independently.
  • Multiple persons can work out at the same time.
  • Multiple adjustments allow for a wide variety of exercises.
  • Total body workout.
  • Powder coat finish.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2155*935*1411mm