Dual Action Leg Press

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Dual Action Leg Press for Sale

The Best Quality′s Ntaifitness Fitness Equipment Plate Loaded Dual Action Leg Press. Dual machine for performing leg press and hack squat exercises. Get the Latest Price. Buy direct and save!

The Ntaifitenss ROC IT Plate Loaded gym equipment offers has over 14 plate-loaded single stations focusing on specific muscle groups. This Plate Loaded Line is a top-performing line of commercial strength equipment.

Traditional machine-based exercises are not considered functional by virtue of their inability to mimic activities of daily life. The Ntaifitenss POC IT Plate Loaded Line using the machine becomes an integral part of the exercise. Additionally, the rocking movement constantly shifts the user’s center of gravity to impose small, yet appropriate challenges to the core musculature, while maintaining adequate stability.

The advantage is unrestricted joint movement and activation of the core. This gives you the benefit of stabilizing movement with functional training. The converging and diverging movement provides a unique, yet natural exercise motion.

The rigid, fixed designs impose limitations on a joint movement that necessitate continuous adjustments by the joints to follow the unnatural movements of the machine. This increases the potential for injury. The ROC IT line is a true innovation in strength training that effectively combines superior biomechanics with FUN to create an unforgettable movement experience.

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Product Features

  • ROX Technology creates a dual-action exercise movement that moves the user support and footplate simultaneously
  • Head and shoulder support adjusts to accommodate varying body sizes
  • Easy to access lockout mechanism, automatically disengages at the start of the exercise
  • Oversized footplate provides multiple foot placements for both leg press and calf exercises
  • Logo Decals Provide your company logo and Ntaifitness will develop custom logo decals that are placed under the instructional placards on the machine
  • Maximizes space planning
  • Head Support & Oversized Handles Provides a more comfortable and secure workout
  • Ratcheting Adjuster System Quick and easy seat adjustments to accommodate
    varying user sizes
  • Ride Suspending Xercise Movement keeps muscles under constant load while providing continuous core activation and increasing heart rate
  • Focuses on each arm working independently while targeting specific muscle groups and improving balance
  • Working both arms simultaneously in the same direction while providing an even distribution of weight during exercise