How to DIY Dip Station

How to DIY Dip Station?

How to DIY Dip Station? In the handy guide, we will instruct and direct you on how to create simple workout builds you can use and store in your home. For those who like to enjoy hitting the gym, even the one you created, we have created a quick and handy guide to both create gym equipment and use it in a routine.

In this guide, we will concentrate on building a Dip Station or Dip Bar. This piece of homemade gym equipment works out your back, arm, and core muscles using your body weight. Below are five different options you can check out and see which one is right for you. Five Diy Dip bars and Diy Dip station builds:

DIY Dip Station PVC

You can follow the construction of this Dip Station in the video above.

You will need

  • 3- 10ft 1½in diameter pipes - if 200lbs or less. If you weigh more, increase the pipe’s diameter size to 2in. If you have small hands, the grip may be awkward
  • 6 1 ½ Tee hole fittings
  • 8 90 degree fittings
  • A PVC cutter or a saw or a compound miner’s saw
  • Single PVC cement - don’t buy one with primer
  • A marker
  • A tape measure
  • The three 10ft PVC poles will be divided into the following:
  • Four 24in pieces
  • Three 20in pieces
  • Six 4in pieces
  • Two 34.5in pieces
  • Two 41.5in pieces

If you don’t have a saw, you can ask the local or big box hardware store if you can cut the pipes in-store. Many people offer this service, either free or for a price.

DIY Power Rack Dip Station

In the video above, there is no step by step building guide. You can use the video to see what the result of the DIY power rack dip station should be.

This DIY Dip Bar is meant to be a traveling workout build. You can take it anywhere and use it wherever you see it can fit. It is unattached to any walls and not in one whole piece. This dip station is meant to be adjustable and easily storable.

You will need:

  • Two 4ft pieces of galvanized steel
  • Four pipe straps
  • Four medium rubber pieces - to prevent sliding while in use
  • Four small pieces of wood to prevent the pipe from falling off the support area while in use
  • 16 screws to be used on the pipe strap and the wooden block

In total, this construction cost around $15. You made need a drill to create the holes from the screws.

  • Note: Exposed PVC wears out quickly if it is used outside. The weather and elements will destroy it if it doesn’t have protection. One easy way to protect your DIY Dip Station constructions is to spraypaint them. Many people have painted their home gym equipment. If you want it all in one color, then you can spray paint it once it is completely constructed. But if you want to paint some parts in a different color, then you must paint them before you put the station together.
  • 2nd note: Although it is not shown in the videos, in each of the PVC home gym equipment, you can add rubber to the bar that your hand will grip. The rubber is so you can improve gripping ability and hand comfort. If you are building the DIY Dip Bar, then add rubber to the entire pool as well.
  • 3rd note: though it will differ, depending on where you live, purchasing a long pipe will be less expensive than a small pipe. Small pipes are more in use than longer pipes, so they will cost more. If you buy a longer pipe, more than 8 feet, you can saw the pipe down into the smaller lengths that you need. This will be especially cost-saving when you build an entire DIY Dip Station.

Diy Wall Mounted Dip Station

In the video above, there is no step by step walkthrough as the beginning of the video show that the piece has already been created.

You will need:

All pipes are made from 1in galvanized steel, but you can also use 3/4in galvanized steel

  • Four flanges
  • Two 6in pieces
  • Two Tee pieces
  • Three 24in pieces - must be cut down to 20inches., so you will get 22inches from end to end. If not cut down, the ends will be too wide at 26inches.
  • Two elbow pieces
  • Two 48in pieces

Anchors - this will depend on what type of material your wall and floor are made of. In the video, he uses concrete anchors. But you will need different anchors if your wall or floor is wood or drywall.

In total, this entire piece will cost around $80.

Since this piece will be attached to the wall, you will need levelers to confirm that it is balanced and that each piece is at the same height.

DIY Dip Station Wood

You can follow the construction of this DIY Dip Station in the video above.

If you prefer using the metric system, then this DIY Dip Station is for you! This method will require a drill. Also, this build does not have many parts and is relatively simple.

You will need:

  • KVH profiles 60x60mm),
  • steel pipe (28mm diameter) and
  • A few screws (5x80)

DIY Dip Bar

You will need one

  • One 24inch piece
  • Two 18inch pieces
  • Two 90 degree angle pieces
  • Two Tee pieces
  • Four 6inch pieces

All of the pieces must be ¾ inch diameter pipes. Do not change the diameter size for the T and the 90-degree angle pieces. 
You will see in the video the order of construction.

  • First, attach the 2 90 degree angles pieces to each side of the 24in bar. Once connected, connect the two 18in bars to each 90-degree piece.
  • Then, attach the two Tee pieces to each of the 18in bars ends. Make sure the Tee piece is upside down, and there are two open screw holes on the floor with a Tee screw hole facing up.
  • Finally, attach the four 6in bars to each of the Tee piece’s two sides. The four bars will create a standing bottom for your dip station. Now you are finished.

Before you use it, for extra safety, the joints must be tightened. You can do this with a pipe wrench or pliers. 
To prevent the pipe bench from shaking, purchase four tennis balls, and create a small slit in each ball. The slit should be small enough to slide the base pipes through.

The addition of the tennis balls will help level out the dip station and prevent shaking while you are working out. And the tennis balls will prevent your floor from being scratched.

Repeat this process one more time to create another dip bar, so you can have a set. In total, you should be able to create this dip station for around $55.