Competition Kettlebells

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Competition Kettlebells for Sale Online

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Crossfit has made Kettlebells the hottest piece of exercise weight machine out there today.

Ntaifitness offers the best in kettlebells & exercise equipment rank with the best in the industry when it comes to performance, durability, stability, and feel.

Our competition kettlebells use high-grade iron and a molded construction for exceptional durability.

Naturally brushed steel handles provide superior grip while complementing the standard Competition Kettlebell colors.

A different color marks the kettlebell weights for easy identification.

Each kettlebell features a wide flat base for stability and easy to grip, non-corrosive stainless steel handle with a subtle texture designed to hold chalk and improve control of the kettlebell.

Each kettlebell, regardless of weight, is identical in size so you can train with consistent technique as you gain strength and progress.

The superior steel shell construction is precisely balanced for consistent quality. Sold individually. Import.

What is Competition Kettlebell?

Because the Competition Kettlebells have the same outside dimensions, we’ve included color-coded bands on the handles to help users quickly distinguish different weight options at a glance.

Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times.

The bells are designed for high repetition exercises.

If you have used barbells, think about when you train with plates that are all the same size regardless of weight so your form is always the same during Olympic lifts.

Competition Kettlebells are the same premise in kettlebell form.

Test your strength and endurance with the Competition Kettlebell.

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  • Competitive kettlebell lifting and dynamic strength training
  • Heavy-duty competition kettlebell
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility
  • Standard competition-size
  • All sizes are the same diameter
  • Easy to grip stainless steel handle and wide flat base for better control
  • Made with solid steel shell
  • Unpainted, sanded handle for improved grip and stability