Schwinn AC Performance Plus

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Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle for Sale


The schwinn ac performance spin bike Superfit-8005 is a contender for one of the best indoor bikes on the market. This tough indoor bike is found in spin cycle studios across the US and the world where it consistently proves its worth and longevity. Like all indoor bikes with magnetic resistance systems, the A.C. Performance Plus offers the smooth, realistic feel of riding a road bike.

No Used Schwinn AC Performance Plus Bike Gym Equipment; No Second-hand Schwinn Spinner Bike; No Refurbished Schwinn Bike.

This bike stands up to the competition as a very professional, solid yet light-weight cycle that is trusted and used in cycle studios across the country.

Equipped with a magnetic resistance braking system, the AC Performance Plus creates a challenging and high-energy workout, but it also keeps the brake system from wearing out, helping the bike hold up to long-term use.


  • Feature dual integrated water bottle holders, “aero bar” positioning, infinite fore-aft adjustability, and even a small shelf to hold an MP3 player for instructors. These are the most well-thought-out handlebars we’ve ever created.

  • The latest design simplifies proper rider setup. Micro pin adjustments allow for the most accurate seat heights. Infinite fore-aft adjustments on the seat and handlebars allow a wide range for proper positioning and comfort, with a neutral position that makes it simple for a beginner to get started in a proper position.

  • The aluminum frame is 30% lighter than a steel frame equivalent, makes the bike easy to pick up and move, and keeps it generally rust-free.

  • With Micro-Adjustments Enables Versatile Seat and Handlebar Adjustments for Refined Positioning / Enhanced Lightweight Handlebar Design Improves Grip Comfort and Support for All Rider Needs, from Comfort to High-Performance
  • Features Aluminum Frame Provides Rust-Free Performance and is Significantly Lighter than Steel / Aluminum Seat Slider, Handlebars, and Hardware Materials for Rust-Free Performance

  • As far as comfort, the bike is very adjustable and can accommodate users of just about any size or weight. And if you want, you can easily replace the saddle and handlebars with those of your choice but most people love the ErgoLoop handlebars and find the adequate.

  • Magnetic Brake Chain drive system uses forged steel crank arrives safely packed in protective styrofoam.

Schwinn AC Performance Plus cycles are among one of the top-selling bikes for studio group cycling classes. If you are looking for the commercial style, feel, and quality of the Schwinn bikes in your own home, take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!

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Schwinn AC Performance Plus Review


Technical Specifications
Model NumberSuperfit-8005
Resistance SystemMagnetic
Drive systemPoly-V belt
ColourCharcoal, Semi-gloss metallic black
HandlebarsFore-Aft & Up-Down
Flywheel Weight18kg
Maximum User Weight350 lb / 159 kg
Equipment Dimensions1300*530*1270 mm
Equipment Weight51kg
Delivery Dimensions48" H x 20" W x 43" D
Delivery Weight106 lbs