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Commercial Gym Equipment Packages

NtaiFitness is a leader in commercial gym equipment for sale worldwide, we are commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.

From full gyms to individual machines, our customers have found us to have high-quality machines at a competitive price. We offer great value on all of our fitness equipment, parts, and accessories.

This is actually a discussion of economic reality: when you’re opening a new gym or updating an existing gym facility, you need to bring in equipment that will stay in service on your gym floor and endure whatever level of use it experiences. Only commercial gym equipment meets this requirement.

Of the many benefits afforded by choosing commercial gym equipment, parts availability is one of the most important. Because these machines are designed for a long life of reliable service.

How long does commercial gym equipment last?

The easiest, most satisfying answer to this is “WAY longer than home gym equipment!” but that’s not very specific. In general, commercial gym equipment is designed to provide between 3 – 5 years of uninterrupted use in a public-serving gym facility that is open 24 hours a day.

This assumes that all manufacturer maintenance and repair protocols and software updates are followed precisely.

How much does commercial gym equipment cost?

This is a question that is hard to answer without more specifics. Are you wondering “In comparison to home gym equipment, how much does commercial gym equipment cost?”

That is still a challenge because there are so many variables but, in general, brand new commercial gym equipment is significantly more expensive than brand new home gym equipment.

This is another excellent reason to consider buying refurbished commercial gym equipment instead. It can be purchased for 50 to 70% lower prices than brand new.

NtaiFitness offers well-designed, durably made machines. If you’re looking for the top supplier of commercial gym equipment worldwide contact NtaiFitness.

The different types of equipment we have available includes:

  • Cardio Gym Equipment – treadmills, ellipticals (cross-trainers), upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycles, steppers, stepmills (stair climbers), arc trainers and more
  • Strength Training Equipment – individual machines and complete circuits, bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates
  • Gym Equipment Packages – a combination of cardio and strength machines
  • Accessories – medicine ball sets, slam balls, handles, plyo boxes, mats
  • Gym Flooring – rubber flooring (rolls and interlocking mats), wood and turf

Commercial Gym Equipment Packages are available for all types and sizes of gyms. Below is just a sample of what we have available.

We specialize in creating custom gym packages based on your available space and budget. Our sales team has years of experience building gyms and can offer you expert advice.

We wholesale to the public, dealers, and resellers. Buy direct from commercial fitness equipment manufacturers for the best prices!

Fill out the Custom Gym Package Request Form to request gym package information. NtaiFitness can customize a gym package to fit your timeline, equipment needs, and budget.

We have a wide selection of product and price points to create a custom home gym, personal training studio, apartment fitness center, hotel fitness center, CrossFit gym, club-style gyms, warehouse-style gyms and larger!

We can accommodate the gyms of ALL sizes. Talk to our expert sales staff. learn more about our custom gym packages.

Commercial weight machines for sale are available for any budget. We can customize a package to fit your needs today.

Buy Commercial Gym Equipment at Ntaifitness, from full gyms to individual machines, our customers have found us to have high-quality machines at a competitive price. Shop now!